RA Dickey Wins Cy Young, Fans Still Torn About Trade Talks

Now that RA Dickey has won the Cy Young, it’s inevitable that the talks swirling around the Mets will be regarding whether Dickey should be traded in the coming days/weeks. David Wright’s contract talks have taken a back seat for now.

Trading Dickey: Is it the right thing to do, or is it the wrong thing to do?

Everyone has been presenting solid evidence to back up which side of the argument they support. Truth be told, that’s because it’s easy to make very solid arguments for either side.

I am now going to present both sides of the argument for you – a virtual argument with myself – and then leave it up to the fans to decide which side of the argument they think is better for the Mets. Without further ado, I present you with case #2012 Mitch vs. Mitch – the argument of whether not to trade Dickey.

Mitch – Trade Him

There are numerous reasons why the Mets should trade Dickey this winter. The Mets have to put their emotions aside and look at this strictly as a business decision. They have the opportunity to sell very high on Dickey right now, and they have to understand that while Dickey throws the knuckleball differently than the traditional knuckleball pitcher, it is still an unpredictable pitch. Do they want to run the risk of finding out if Dickey has found a new and magical way to throw this pitch more effectively, or let some other team worry about it? The odds of Dickey repeating what he accomplished this past season are highly unlikely given the unpredictability of the knuckleball.

The Mets currently have tons of holes to fill. That is not breaking news. This is the optimal situation to take advantage of Dickey’s success and his very affordable pay check, and fill some of them. The Mets will only have Dickey for two or three more years if they re-sign him. However, they may be able to get some young talent in exchange for dickey that can help them for a much longer period of time. I would prefer if the Mets get established MLB players, over unproven prospects, to help the team right away.

Now that the team is committed to re-signing David Wright, the team has to use Dickey’s success, and get some players in exchange to build around David. The Mets will be able to pick the best offer from a long list of suitors, and that opportunity is too sweet to pass up.

Mitch – Keep Him

I can’t believe we are having this discussion. Here is a player that loves being a Met, he wants to be a Met, so how could we ever trade him? He was the most reliable player for the Mets last season, and he won the Cy Young. This is a no-brainer.

By keeping Dickey, the team will have the most affordable ace in the league. If you want to talk about this all being business and not personal – that’s good business. Dickey is also an excellent locker room presence, and will be able to assist with the development of the younger pitchers.

Pitching leads to success in this league, so by trading away top notch pitching for hitting, the Mets would be making a huge mistake. Good pitching is much harder to come by than good hitting. Cy Young winners are even harder to come by. The starting rotation is so much stronger with Dickey in the mix, and the Mets would be wise to build around both Dickey and Wright, not just Wright.

Good pitching beats good hitting, period.

The Mets can try and fill some holes with the money saved from deferring Jason Bay’s contract now. There is no need to trade Dickey.   

We Want to Hear From You

Which argument is stronger? Do you have any other thoughts about why the Mets should either trade, or keep Dickey? MMO would love to hear from you in the comment section below.