Pulling Together Is What Makes Us Great

I live in Northwest Suffolk County, on Long Island. I went twelve days without power at my house. Fortunately my house was not damaged and my friends and family were unhurt. My heart breaks and my prayers go out to everyone who is still suffering from this storm. My despise and scorn for the Long Island Power Authority will not dissipate any time soon. That said I learned a lot about myself, and I realize that their is a bit of Met fan in each and everyone of us.

Last weekend, I spent a lot of time standing in line filling gas cans for my generator and automobile usage. Every person I met in line was kind, friendly, and not at all angry. It reminded me of sitting in the upper deck at Shea – strangers talking with strangers and sharing a common bond.

We can’t leave out the kindness of family and friends. There were so many people offering to open up their homes to me and my family. Dare I say, the majority of those people were Yankee fans. And they know I’m a blue and orange blooded Met fan. But that’s just it, people are pulling together and caring for one another. Whether you’re a Met fan or Yankee fan, Jet fan or Giant fan, we are all one fan base right now. We are all rooting for our city’s recovery, for our communities, and for each other.

A great portion of our country like to beat up on New Yorkers, but it’s largely unfair because nobody pulls together like we do in a time of crisis. We turn every disaster that touches New York, into a shining moment. When things look bleak, we’re all there for each other. I know our very own Joe D. suffered a lot of damage from the storm. The other contributors to this fine blog all pitched in to keep this site fresh with non-stop quality content. We were all working together and it was great to see.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is this: When tragedy strikes, and there isn’t anybody to provide direction and leadership, all we really have is one another. The lesson to take away from this is we need to be good to each other, because sometimes that’s really all we have.

Now and always may God bless you, and of course Lets Go Mets!!!