Mets Want A Monster Package For Dickey

Andy Martino of the Daily News reports that the Mets want a ‘monster package’ for R.A. Dickey, which is likely a few high-end prospects, major leaguers, outfielders and catching help.

He cites a high-ranking MLB executive, that “if the Mets don’t get this level return, they’re probably not going to trade him.”

Wow, talk about too pricey… Incredible…

Honestly, I don’t mind R.A. Dickey coming back at all, in fact I prefer it. But can you imagine what they are asking for David Wright if they want this much for 38-year old Dickey?

With these very unrealistic expectations, I doubt the front office get much done in the way of trades, much as was the case at the trade deadline. They by into their own hype and place too high a value on all of their assets.

The Mets don’t understand the number one principle in making a trade is that both sides benefit equally. Unless the Mets feel they are hammering the other team they are reluctant and paralyzed to do anything with them.

The desperate times and desperate measures which resulted in the Beltran for Wheeler trade don’t come around everyday. Plus the way the Mets chirped about it and acted all giddy, didn’t go unnoticed by the other 29 MLB GMs.

As for Dickey, he said he’d take a two year deal, and I’m sure they will agree on the dollars which seem to be the only hold up.

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