Mets Offer Wright 7 Year Deal Between $125-$150 Million?

Updated Post 3:30 PM

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is now reporting that a source has revealed to him that the Mets counteroffer to David Wright is for seven years and between $125M and $150M.

If Mets are indeed offering Wright such a deal, Rosenthal adds, it seems unlikely he would reject it unless he wanted to be a free agent at end of season.


If it is $150 million, that would bring the total dollars owed to Wright to $166 million for eight years.

That’s hard for me to wrap my head around….

Are you dreaming of a Wright Christmas?

Like I said earlier, this deal is going down in the next 24 hours… They are just ironing out the small details like All Star Game Bonuses, Hotel Suites on every road trip and Luxury Boxes for home games.

Original Post 12:30 PM

Ever since the 2012 season ended for the Mets, I’ve been very outspoken about the team and in particular the front office. Maybe it was the disgruntled Mets fan in me, but it’s nothing personal. As I’ve said many times before, I think Sandy Alderson and the rest of his staff are all very professional and all-around nice guys. I don’t disagree with all their moves, just some of them, and when I do I post about it. There are plenty of bloggers who have those “atta-boy” posts and there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m just not the “atta-boy” king of blogger.

Back in the first week of October, I predicted a few things would happen this offseason. I urged readers not to worry about losing David Wright mostly because this front office is unlike the previous one, and what the fans scream for, the fans get.

I said Wright would get signed to a deal that would eclipse the K-Rod, Jason Bay, Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez deals combined, and to look for a deal in the range of eight years and $140 million dollars when all is said and done. That includes the 2013 option year.

That’s an obscene amount of money for David Wright considering his age and the fact that he peaked during the 2008 season – five years ago.

Although I like Wright, I felt it was best for the Mets to move him and finally in one fell-swoop tell the fans in one resonating voice, “We Are Rebuilding”.

My biggest complaint with this front office is that their vision and their focus has been muddled. We were neither rebuilding or contending, and worse yet the team was not getting any better. We have more voids now than we did three years ago. Our outfield, bullpen and catching depth is in tatters, our image and brand is still shattered.

Moving on…

I believe that David Wright and the Mets will agree to a new extension within the next 24 hours.

It will be the biggest contract ever given to a player in franchise history.

It will also go against everything everyone thought about Sandy Alderson regarding second generation contracts and not overpaying for assets.

I do believe Alderson hates longterm deals as he so eloquently hinted when the Marlins signed Reyes, the Red Sox signed Crawford, the Nationals extended Zimmerman and the Rockies extended Tulowitzki.

He mocked each one of those deals, and yet he’s about to sign off on a deal that might be worse than all of them. Why?

Because he has the fans in his ears, and the Wilpons are not broke, that’s why.

Wright will be a Met, if not today certainly by tomorrow.

If there is a sticking point, it’s this… Wright will demand a full no-trade clause.

Here is where it gets tricky… Will the Mets give it to him? Should the Mets give it to him?

It’s a very important matter and how it plays out will define whether this Wright extension deal goes from bad to worse.

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