Cody Ross To The Mets? Don’t Bet On It…

According to Mike Puma of the New York Post, The Mets could target free agent OF Cody Ross this winter.

“The Mets have a glaring need for outfield help”, Puma points out, and “multiple baseball officials yesterday pointed to Cody Ross as a possible free-agent target for the team.”

The righthanded hitting Ross batted .267/.326/.481 with 22 home runs and 81 RBI in 476 at-bats for the Red Sox this season. He was particularly effective against lefthanded pitching against whom he batted .295/.373/.636/1.010.

Ross, 32, signed a one-year deal with Boston last season for $3 million dollars.

While the Mets had shown interest in Ross last season, when he was coming off a poor .240 campaign with the San Francisco Giants, I can’t see that level of interest now when he will be much more costly. They can’t even afford to bring back Scott Hairston.

I just don’t see how he can fit into the team’s budget unless a significant player was traded to make room for him on the payroll. It’s common knowledge that the Mets have about $10 million or less to spend this offseason which makes it difficult to see how they can net someone like Cody Ross who will cost in upwards of $5-6 million per season and he’s looking for a multi year deal.

Then there’s the question of whether Ross would even choose the Mets over the 6-7 teams who are said to be very interested in him including the Red Sox, Yankees, Phillies and Braves.

I think this is a great rumor for Mets fans to read today, Ross would certainly fit in nicely. But unfortunately it’s a rumor that has no legs.

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On a more important note, I hope all of you and your families are doing well after the devastation and aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. My area was hit pretty hard and a couple of my family members landed in the hospital. I got my power restored on Friday and have been busy cleaning up and touching base with other friends and family that we were unable to contact. I can tell just by looking at the site numbers that we have 50% of our readers probably still without power and send them my thoughts and prayers.

I want to thank Dan Valis and Clayton Collier for stepping up and taking over my editorial duties while I was gone. I also want to thank Ed Leyro, Rob Johnson, Craig Lerner, Robert Patterson, Mike Branda, Connor O’Brien, Jessica DeMattia, Tim Burns, Jim Mancari and Sean Kenny for keeping the site going with some quality posts for those of you still with us to read. Without you the readers and them the writers we wouldn’t have a site or a community like this one. You’re all such a special part of what we are and what we do here. As I started to go through the 200+ emails that piled up while I had no access, there was one email from Kevin who wrote:

“I haven’t seen you post anything in a long time and I hope you are safe. I live right in the middle of an effected area near Hoboken, but was one of the lucky ones as we suffered only minor damage on our block and somehow we only lost power for less than an hour. Reading MMO throughout the day has been my way of coping with the carnage that is all around me. In between spending my time helping out some of my friends and neighbors who were effected, I frequently grab my phone when I’m taking a break and read your site. My home has become a charging station for about two dozen people who come to charge their phones and other devices throughout the day. Your site has become a charging station for my sanity. Thank you.”

No, thank you, Kevin.

Be well and stay safe everybody.

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