Is Chone Figgins A Good Fit For The Mets?

I was reading MetsBlog’s take by Matt Cerrone on why he feels the Mets should jump on the recently released Chone Figgins.

Figgins was pretty terrible last season. I’m talking Jason Bay-level terrible. He was no better in 2011.

To be an upgrade for the Mets, he wouldn’t even have to be close to what he did 2009. I mean, his 2007, 2008 would be a significant upgrade, frankly. So, I expect teams to be interested in him and it’s hardly a given he ends up signing a minor-league deal or for the league minimum. I expect a small, niche market to develop for Figgins, which could result in him getting a one-year deal. I’d like to see the Mets make a run at him, but they should by no means go crazy to get him.

I’m sorry, but Figgins is exactly what we don’t need right now. The Mets need a sure thing, especially in an outfield that is already filled with too many questions and uncertainty. To add more uncertainty to the situation sounds like an awful idea.

For a team as bad as the low-market Seattle Mariners to simply release him with $8 million still left on his contract, says everything you need to know about Figgins.

Figgins, 35, parlayed one good season in 2009 (.298/.395/.393) into a free-agent contract worth $36 million with the Mariners.

After losing 143 points on his OPS in 2010, Figgins batted a combined .185 in 507 plate appearances the past two seasons. Overall for the Mariners, he hit .227 with an on-base percentage of .302. His strikeouts have been way up, his walks are down, and he doesn’t steal bases anymore.

Figgins has absolutely no redeeming qualities left in him and offers no upside 0 not at his age. This is not a player the Mets should be looking at.