Can Ike Davis Crack The 40 Home Run Mark?

Ike Davis rebounded after a slow start to his 2012 season to show us his power potential with 32 jacks

Ike Davis had a first half to forget in 2012. But he rebounded in the second half to produce high end power numbers.

Ike became the first Met player to reach the 30 home run mark since Carlos Delgado jacked 38, and David Wright hit 33 in 2008. Davis displayed the kind of power you hope to get from a future clean up hitter. Ike will turn 26 just before opening day in 2013, and will enter a year where he will be counted on heavily to provide power and run production.

Was what we saw from him in 2012 his ceiling, or is there more power to come from the Ike man?

I have said all along that Davis has 30 home run power. I believed all along that he could potentially be our cleanup hitter of the future. I wasn’t sold on it, but he had the potential to do it. His home runs are not cheap ones by any means. When he gets the barrel on the ball, it travels a long way.

So the question is, Does Davis have the kind of power potential that could lead to a 40 home run season?

I’m not saying he is going to, or ever will hit 40 homers. I am just simply wondering if he has it in him.

I believe that he does have the potential to do that. His strikeout numbers are a little high, but they are in line with some of the other sluggers in baseball. Ike struck out 138 in 2010, and 141 times in 2012. Both seasons he accumulation over 500 at-bats, and both years he had over 50 extra base hits.

You take the good with the bad with power hitters. If Ike can hit consistently over 30 home runs, and possibly approach the 35-40 home runs mark on occasion, the Mets will be in very good shape in the power department.