Blockbuster Trade Turns Mets Fans’ Frowns Upside Down

Can you smell it?

Take a whiff…

It’s the smell of millions of Yankees fans across the globe crapping their pants. The Yankees keep getting older and older, and the other AL East teams keep getting better and better. The Yankees are on the brink of being in the middle of the pack in the AL East, and the fans are going to be out of their minds screaming for Josh Hamilton now.

Yankees fans weren’t the only ones upset after the news of the blockbuster trade between the Marlins and Blue Jays broke. Giancarlo Stanton tweeted about how upset he was, which is understandable, because nobody wants to be the guy left behind. He must feel like Burgess Meredith in that episode of the Twilight Zone when he was the only man left on earth. Well, I guess Meredith’s character was actually pretty happy to be the only one left, until he stepped on his glasses. But you get the point.

The great news about this trade is it looks like the Mets are pretty much guaranteed to not finish in last place in 2013. The Marlins seem to have already locked up last place, and who knows, maybe they aren’t done making themselves worse yet. It’s hard to believe the Marlins were one of the favorites to win the division a mere eight months ago. Things sure can change in the blink of an eye in this great game of baseball.

This trade also gives Mets fans the ability to pick their heads up again. At one point, it seemed like the Mets organization was going nowhere fast. Mets fans were starting to feel like they were fans of the worst run organization in baseball. It sure doesn’t feel that way anymore.

On behalf of my fellow Mets fans, I would like to send a sincere thank you to the Miami Marlins. We are not the worst run organization in baseball after all.

This trade has given Mets fans another reason to smile. Two reasons inside of a week to smile??? First Jason Bay, now the Marlins are falling apart before our very eyes. This is awesome. Now we need RA Dickey to take home the Cy Young Award to complete the trifecta.

Let’s keep the smiles coming – get David Wright’s contract done, bring in outfield help, find a catcher, and fix the bullpen. 2013 will be the season of redemption for Mets fans!