Who Should Be The First Mets Icon To Get A Statue At Citi Field?

Is there anything better than going to your hometown ballpark and seeing those bronze statues of iconic players or managers who meant so much to the team and more importantly the fans?

Take a look at some of the gorgeous sculptures you’ll find just in the NL East…

Mike Schmidt at Citizens Bank Park

Steve Carlton at Citizens Bank Park

Robin Roberts at Citizens Bank Park

Josh Gibson at Nationals Park

Walter Johnson at Nationals Park

Frank Howard at Nationals Park

Hank Aaron at Turner Field

Ty Cobb at Turner Field

Phil Niekro at Turner Field

Warren Spahn at Turner Field

 Isn’t it sad, that we have no such monumental testaments to any iconic Mets at Citi Field?

I asked our staff if they could pick just one Mets player, manager,owner or executive to have a statue erected of them in front of Citi Field, who would it be?

It was amazing the varying degrees of answers I got back, and initially thought everyone would respond Tom Seaver, and many of them did. But it was nice to see some other fine Mets legends mentioned as well.

Mitch: Gary Carter – He wasn’t a homegrown Met, but nobody that ever put on a Mets uniform deserves a statue more than Carter. He was a great man, a great player, and a great Met. His smile could light the dark side of the moon.

Nick: Tom Seaver because he was everything the Mets were for over a decade going to the World Series twice and winning a title and holding every Mets pitching record in the books. He is Mr. Met on the pitching side of the game for the Mets.

Michael: Tom Seaver – I never got to see him pitch but my father still says that Seaver could out-duel anybody on his best day. He is the best this team has ever had and deserves a statue in front of Citi Field.

Gregg: My choice would be Mrs. Joan Payson. Mrs. Payson was a key person in bringing National League baseball back to New York. She was the team’s first owner, and she truly loved her Mets. It’s got to be Mrs. Payson.

Jim: Gil Hodges. Hodges turned a team that was the laughing stock of the league into World Series Champions in a relatively short amount of time. Had we not lost Gil early, the Mets may have hoisted a few more World Series trophies in the early 70s. Since the Mets already have payed tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers with the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, why not honor an iconic Brooklyn Dodger who changed the Mets?

Craig: It’s hard to pick just one, but if that’s the case than I say Mike Piazza. The statue could be likeness of the post 9/11 home run and serve as a 9/11 memorial as well.

Clare: You could go with an obvious pick like Tom Seaver, but I would pick David Wright. He exemplifies everything that is good about baseball. He hustles, plays every day and takes pride in his play and loves being a Met. After all is said and done, Wright will have all the Mets records anyway. I think he would be almost embarrassed to see a statue of himself in front of Citi Field because he is so humble. Still, he deserves it.

Jessep: Tom Seaver without a doubt would be the first choice. He’s The Franchise, it starts and ends with him in my book.

Elliot: Tom Seaver. He’s still the franchise.

Fonzie13 – Tom Seaver. He’s the franchise. The man who turned the lovable losers into a major league team. The only Hall of Famer that played the majority of his career with the Mets.

Drew: Tom Seaver, there can be no other.

Satish: It has to be Tom Seaver. The only Met Hall of Famer and there were so many memorable moments with him. When I think New York Mets, I think of Tom Seaver.

Rob S.: This is a toss up between Tom Seaver and Braden Looper. Umm, I think I’ll go with Seaver. Seriously, though, definitely #41. Seaver should be immortalized but not primarily due to his accomplishments on the field. Sure, we know all about the wins and the strikeouts and the Cy Young Awards. But where Seaver gets elevated above the rest is what he meant to this team, this “franchise.” No one else in Mets history had an impact more than Tom Terrific. With his arrival, the Mets seemingly overnight went from laughing stock to at least respectable once every five days. For the first time in team history one of our pitchers could take the mound and we felt fairly confident we’d get a “W” And when Seaver was discarded in 77, the team immediately tanked for almost a decade. In an era dominated by pitching, Seaver stood tall above the rest, and his statue should be standing outside Citi Field.

XtreemIcon: Well, you didn’t ask about GMs, so I can’t say Sandy, but… if your nickname is the Franchise, then the first bronze statue should be yours, wouldn’t you say? Tom Seaver.

Who should it be folks? Casey Stengel didn’t get a mention, but he should be in the conversation too, right?

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