Stop Dragging My Heart Around…

Adam Rubin at ESPN New York again points out why it’s hard to fathom the Mets making any considerable moves of note in light of the undeniable facts of their 2013 payroll obligations:

These six players alone total $79.5 million:

Santana $25.5 million + $5.5 million buyout = $31 million
Bay $16 million + $3 million buyout = $19 million
David Wright $15 million
Frank Francisco $6.5 million
R.A. Dickey $5 million
Jonathon Niese $3 million

And that means, on a $100 million payroll, the other 19 players can average no more than $1.08 million a player. (And that’s highly generous figure, since you use more than 25 players during a season because of DL trips. Add to that players such as Ike Davis potentially making $2.5 million to $3 million as a first-time arbitration-eligible player and the money evaporates quickly.)

The minimum salary for 2013 is $490,000.

It’s the reality of this situation that makes it difficult to believe there will be any of the wholesale changes we keep hearing about.

They have four trade chips in Wright, Dickey, Davis and Niese. That’s it. About the only thing Alderson has said that I take at face value is that he won’t trade Wheeler or Harvey. You can bank on that.

But how is he going to fill 15 spots with $10 million dollars?

I say 15 spots because Murphy, Davis, Thole and Parnell will all be tendered and eat up about $10 million in the process.

The math don’t add up. None of this adds up.

You’re gonna have to trade two of the four trade chips just to field a 25-man roster next season. And I believe Ike Davis and R.A. Dickey will be the first ones to go.

Otherwise he has to put Wheeler and Harvey on the table and I just don’t see him doing that.

Numbers don’t lie. So it’s difficult for me to resolve what Alderson is saying about the offseason plan in light of the mounting evidence against him.

It’s impossible for him to execute what he says he will do within the confines of a $100 million dollar payroll budget.

He has to know that, but yet all his assertions go against the natural laws of physics and economics. If Pythagoras were alive, I’m sure he’d agree.

According to my figures and measurements, something’s not adding up…
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