Should The Mets Target Trevor Plouffe?

The versatile Trevor Plouffe would be a nice cost effective addition. Oh, yeah and he can bring along those 24 jacks too!

Would you consider Trevor Plouffe as an option at second base or in the outfield? An article by Steve Adams on MLBTradeRumors discussed the Twins need for starting pitching, and mentioned that infielder Trevor Plouffe might be a possibility to be on the move. This article intrigued me because Plouffe can play all of the infield positions and has a lot of power which is something we need.

I’m not completely sold on Murphy being the future answer at second. He hits for a nice average, but as we saw, that does not drive in runs when we need it the most. He hit a lot of doubles, but didn’t even crack double figured in home runs. I won’t even discuss the outfield situation since almost any addition we make would be an upgrade.

The 26 year old Plouffe racked up 24 home runs and 19 doubles, while driving in 55 runs in just 422 at-bats. Plouffe played all four infield positions as well as both corner outfield positions for the Twins in 2012.

Heading into the off-season Sandy is looking to upgrade the power on this club, and find cost effective players to be starters. According to Cots Contracts Trevor Plouffe made $485,000 in 2012, and is not arbitration eligible until 2014.

What would be intriguing to the Twins?

They are not totally certain he is the answer at third base since they still have Danny Valencia. The Twins had some awful pitching in 2012, and are in search reliable arms. I would suggest a Bobby Parnell for Plouffe swap. Parnell could be a nice middle to back of the bullpen option for the Twinkies. While Plouffe could be a possibility at second or one in right field. We’re not completely sold on Parnell and the Twins are possibly in the same boat with Plouffe.

It’s an interesting trade possibility, and one that I would consider inquiring about if I were Alderson.