Should Mets Consider Bringing Back Pedro Feliciano?

Pedro Feliciano spent his entire career in a Mets uniform until the day he left via Free Agency following the 2010 season. At the time our well documented financial situation got in the way, and the Yankees came in and offered the lefty specialist a nice contract to join our crosstown rivals.

Well, two years and $8 million dollars later, Pedro is once again on the verge of Free Agency. He never made his Yankees debut during his two year deal, and will leave the team without ever throwing a single pitch in the Bronx.

Early in the 2011 season, Feliciano was placed on the disabled list due to soreness in his left shoulder. In late April he made a trip to see the dreaded orthopedist Dr. James Andrews who recommended a six-week strengthening program for the pitcher.

The cause of Feliciano’s trip to the disabled list was a torn capsule and rotator cuff in his left arm, requiring arthroscopic surgery to repair. After the diagnosis was confirmed the Yankees front office claimed the reason behind Feliciano’s injury was that the Mets had overused him.

Feliciano, now 36 years old, owns a career 3.31 ERA. He was never known for his velocity, routinely sitting in the mid-high 80’s. Lefty relievers can pitch well into their early 40’s, so if he could regain his health he could be a potential steal this off-season. He had 96 holds over his last five seasons with the Mets, and has a career .214 opposing batting average versus left handed hitters.

Coming off surgery and missing the last two years I’m sure Pedro will be looking to prove himself, both health and talent wise. That will most likely require no more than a league minimum or minor league commitment from a Major League Club. With Byrdak set to hit Free Agency and Edgin the only real lefty on the roster that has any experience, Pedro might be a nice low cost, high reward investment.

Pedro Feliciano was one of the best, if not the best reliever we had from 2006-2010. We have seen plenty of players return from injury to regain their form, or come close to it. I think it’s worth taking a shot on Feliciano who we know can get the job done when he’s right. If he inks a minor league deal, it doesn’t cost us anything to find out if he still has the goods.

I’m in, are you?