Regardless of the Cy Young, R.A Dickey is Inspirational

As we all know, 2012 was once again another season of disappointment.  I frown just thinking about it.  But regardless of what happened this season, there were some positive moments that we can look back on years from now.  Not only did the Mets finally get their first no-hitter this year, but they also got one of the best pitching performances in the last 20 years from a knuckleballer they call R.A Dickey.

If anyone would have said that R.A Dickey would win 20 games and have a great chance of winning the NL Cy Young Award this season, they would have been called a bumbling idiot or had them committed  This was something that no one expected at all.

Dickey’s story has certainly touched a ton of people in the baseball world, myself included.  With what he had to overcome both mentally and physically to reach the majors, and succeed in the process, he is truly an inspiration to future generations of little leaguers, major leaguers, and everyone in between.

After hearing him reveal to the media that he had battled a torn abdominal muscle in his stomach for the majority of the season, it not only added to his case for Cy Young in my opinion, but it also added to his incredible persona. His story is now a special part of Mets lore.

Last night, Clayton Kershaw limited the San Francisco Giants to one run in eight innings to finish the season with a 2.53 ERA. Dickey finishes second with a 2.73 ERA. Kershaw also had eight strikeouts, giving him 229 for the season, one shy of Dickey’s league-leading 230 and his 20 wins.

But no matter the outcome of the Cy Young Award, R.A Dickey gas been an inspiration for us all this season. His never-give-up mentality and his competitive spirit has allowed him to return to the majors and do it with a vengeance.