Photos of Citi Field From Hurricane Sandy

View from La Guardia Airport of the flooding. In the distance you can see Citi Field

Hurricane Sandy came through the past few days and absolutely battered the tri-state area. Homes are destroyed, millions are without power, the entire transit system is in shambles and a death toll that continues to rise. We have just experienced one of, if not the worst natural disasters in our area’s history, and now is the time to come together and pull through this as one just as we have so many times before.

Many of our readers are obviously in the area in which the destruction has occurred, and we at MMO hope and pray that everyone out there is safe and dry. Our fearless leader Joe D. is currently out of power but getting by so as a result myself and my fellow MMO’er Dan Valis will be keeping things going until the lights come on for him. If you have any questions or need to contact us about anything, you can E-Mail me at or Dan at

Many famous areas and key landmarks of the region received severe flooding and sustained significant damage. La Guardia Airport as you see above has been flooded and “extremely damaged”, however the home of our New York Mets, Citi Field, has emerged unscathed. I guess it’s well versed in weathering storms ;-).

For those of you who still have power/internet access, here are some images of Citi Field throughout the storm:

The7Line with photos of Citi Field’s preparations for the storm. You can see they constructed a steel storm barrier around the perimeter o the ballpark.
MTA buses lined up in Citi Field parking lots in an effort to protect them from any potential damage. Courtesy of MTA Flickr page.

 Matthew Zimmerman with the photo above as well as this footage below:


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