My Thoughts On MetsBlog’s Take On Alderson’s Interview

Thoughts from Joe D.

I wanted to weigh in on this interview and decided to include my thoughts but leave HoJo’s original post below for thise who did not get a chance to hear the original interview and wanted a summary. You can still listen to the full interview here.

I was inspired to write this after reading Matt Cerrone’s take on this at MetsBlog this morning. I agree with some of what he conveyed, but also found some big differences of opinion as well. Anyway, here goes…

Matt says: I find it difficult to take everything Sandy Alderson says at face value. Frankly, this is a compliment, because I think any CEO should be very careful with how he answers questions. That may not be a whole lot of fun for sports debate and speculation, but it’s smart business.

I disagree. I believe that if you agree to do an interview that you should be forthright and honest at all times. I don’t believe it’s ever smart business to lie, deceive or give your  fans false expectations about the team, your players, and your plan for the team’s future. There is a huge disconnect between Sandy Alderson and this fanbase, and there is a well documented rift in the clubhouse between the players and him. Alienating your base and your players is never a smart strategy. Honesty is still is the best policy, and just because lying and deception is now considered acceptable behavior, it’s neither smart or good no matter the circumstances.

Matt says: RA Dickey will either be signed to an extension or traded.

I thought that was the case since the All Star Break and I still feel that same way now. The only thing that’s changed after carefully listening to comment made by Dickey and Alderson in recent days, is that there’s a greater chance he will be traded than there ever was before. Forget what he said to Francesa which was basically nothing on this matter, it was his comments to Kevin Burkhardt on Wednesday that make it unlikely R.A. Dickey will be back next season. You can read some of those comments here.

Matt says: The team will make David Wright an offer worth more than $100 million, but he will be here on Opening Day whether he signs it or not.

I agree. There will be a six-figure offer, it will be far less than market value which should be in the $150 million dollar range, and regardless of whether Wright agrees or not, he will be your Opening Day third baseman. Wright will play out his walk year just like Jose Reyes as I said would be the case over a year ago. They like Wright and understand the consequences of trading him now would send the team and the fan base into a tailspin.

Matt says: Alderson would like to add 30 to 40 home runs to the lineup over the next two seasons, probably in the outfield; and he’s more likely to trade Dickey, Lucas Duda and Jon Niese than Ike Davis, Matt Harvey or Zack Wheeler to make that happen… though I’m not sure any of these people will be moved.

Absolutely disagree. As I’ve said countless times, Ike Davis and Jon Niese are this team’s two biggest trade chips,and they are the ones in danger of being traded especially Ike Davis. Nobody could care less about the .235 hitting Lucas Duda and every team has their own Lucas Duda or two, somewhere in their organization. There will be little to no interest in him and his value would only be as a throw-in similar to what Andres Torres was last year in the Pagan deal. Harvey and Wheeler are going nowhere and that has always been the case.

Matt says: The last two seasons were about removing (and not adding) long-term commitments, while also evaluating prospects.

Umm, okay. I guess you could say that. But after two years of evaluation comments like “Lucas Duda is a valuable piece to our puzzle”, a “keeper”, and “one of our core players”, makes me question their evaluation skills. Their player evaluation skills on Frank Francisco, Jon Rauch, Ramon Ramirez, D.J. Carrasco, and other relievers they brought in over the last two years also raises questions about their player evaluation skills.

Matt says: He has just $5 to $10 million to spend this winter, so I expect maybe one substantive trade surrounded by smaller acquisitions. However, because of Jason Bay and Johan Santana, he’ll have close to $50 million to spend one year from now, since  the team’s budget should still be around $100 million.

Agreed, except there’s no shot in hell that $50 million gets reinvested. Half for Fred and Saul, half for Sandy assuming he’s still around to spend it. MLB might need a new commissioner by then and who was the first one to assert that? That’s right…

Matt says: Also, if I had to bet, Scott Hairston will not be on the Mets if he gets a two-year offer from another team, and Bay is more likely to be released during next season than before it (assuming he can’t be traded first).

Also agreed. Hairston wrote his ticket out of Flushing the day he hit his tenth home run of the season. He’s priced himself completely out of the Mets picture and will get a 2-3 year deal somewhere else this season. You all know my thoughts on Bay. I made a bet back in late August that he would be on the Opening Day roster no matter what you read, hear, or believe. I still stand by that.

So there’s my take, on Matt’s take on what Alderson had to say yesterday on WFAN. I love comparing our thoughts on things and hope you enjoy the different perspectives we each bring to the table which I believe lends a nice depth of insight for both our readers.  —  Joe D.

Original Post October 4

Sandy Alderson was guest of Mike Francesa today on WFANThe Mets GM confirmed that he has spoken with David Wright’s agents in the last 24 hours and said:

“There are no guarantees of a resolution to a contract extension, but we are going to move on this very quickly.”

Here is a summary of what else was discussed:

  • Jason Bay – He repeated again that he does not intend to release him this winter and said Bay will report with everyone else to Spring Training in February.
  • Free Agency – There will no significant additions to the team via free agency. Alderson said, “I don’t expect to make any major acquisitions via the free agent market”.
  • Catching – Alderson said he expects to make significant changes at the catcher position. That doesn’t bode well for Josh Thole who is eligible for arbitration this Winter. Also while Kelly Shoppach was almost considered a done deal as far as coming back, that may not be the case now. Alderson said the catching position is not currently “championship caliber” and promised substantial changes there.
  • Outfield – Alderson pretty much expressed as mush disappointment about the Mets outfield situation as he did with the catching situation. “There will be more substantial changes [at catcher and in the outfield] than subtle changes,” Alderson said.
  • 2013 Payroll – The $50 million owed to both Bay and Santana next season don’t offer him much flexibility for the 2013 payroll, although he maintains the payroll is expected to be around $100 million next year.
  • Trade Chips – Alderson said it was unlikely he would consider dealing any of his Major League pitchers and Minor League pitchers who are close to joining the majors. But he would consider trading other Minor Leaguers “under the right circumstances.” By that he means low minors pitchers like Hansel Robles, Rainy Lara and Luis Mateo who he specifically mentioned by name as potential trade chips before,
  • Disconnect With Fans – “I’m not intentionally trying their patience,” Alderson said. “I would look at 2013 as another opportunity for us to exceed what expectations people have had. I think we accomplished that in the first half, and we accomplished that when there wasn’t any overhang in 2012, as opposed to 2011.”
  • Hitting Approach – “The only effort I questioned in the second half was our hitting approach,” Alderson said. “I think we lost our focus, our approach to things for a while. But that’s a part of the game. I don’t think they mailed it in at any point of the season.”
  • Scott Hairston – Alderson said Scott Hairston had an outstanding year, and warrants a contract for more than one year. But did not say whether such a contract offer would come from the Mets. Probably not.
  • Ike Davis & Lucas Duda – He will be careful about trading Ike Davis due to the fact it will be very difficult to replace his power potential on the market. Lucas Duda’s best position is first base, but he will be a left fielder on this team the way it’s constructed. “The Mets need to hit more doubles and home runs”.

That’s all the important stuff. Thanks to Mets Blog for transcribing some of this.

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