MMO Mailbag: What’s Up With Phillip Evans?

D. Stossel (LA Met Fan) asks…

Can you tell me what the situation is with Phillip Evans? Is he going to stick at shortstop? What would be a typical offensive season if he were to make it to the majors and what would be a great season for him?

Sean replies…

Phillip Evans is so far away that I could project him as the next great shortstop and not be wrong. Evans has 328 AB’s in his minor league career, and has not really shown too much extra-base power despite a strong, compact build (5’10, 190 LBS). Evans has surprisingly good plate discipline for a high school hitter while still making contact, albeit not enough of that contact falling in for hits yet

In terms of defense, Evans has shown a strong arm and may not possess the true speed and agility to stick at short, but he is only 20 and it may still be three years before he is even in the bigger picture for the Mets. After having a very good season defensively, Evans seemed to lose some focus later in the season, having a few multiple-error games. If he doesn’t stick at shortstop, second base will be the landing spot.

As a bold projection, I could say a .280 season with ten home runs, ten steals and a solid contact hitter out of the two hole, if not the six hole. Evans doesn’t have much physical projection left so any increases in power will be attributed with learning how to barrel-up the ball.