MMO Mailbag: Is Jordany Valdespin A 2013 Starter?

JetsMets13 asks…

Is Jordany Valdespin an everyday player for us next season and is he finished as a second baseman?

Sean replies…

No – and it will all be tied to his lack of plate discipline. Valdespin provided plenty of late-inning heroics as well as pinch-hitting power, but struck out in nearly 25% of his AB’s and only walked in 4.9% of his AB’s. Valdespin is easily fooled with breaking pitches, and swings for the fences every time. While conducive to power hitters with decent contact abilities – it is not conducive to a guy who swings as hard at a belt-high fastball as he does at a splitter in the dirt.

Defensively, Valdespin has no real home. At shortstop, he had a horrible season, at second he played decent, but received most of his play in the OF. Valdespin is raw in every aspect of defense from route-running to throwing, but his athleticism will keep him with the big club.

Valdespin will remain on the 2013 Mets team due to his utility status, speed and power-potential while he learns some plate-discipline and backs up nearly every position on the field minus catcher, first and third.