Mets Minors: Who Are The Untouchables?

RHP Hansel Robles made it to a few of our lists of Mets untouchables.

After the minor league season came to an end, Joe D. asked our minor league team who they believed were our five most untouchable prospects. He asked me to take the lead, compile all the results, and present it to our readers. Of course when your team finishes in fourth place in four successive seasons, the word untouchable shouldn’t be in your vocabulary, but for the purposes of this post let’s put that aside, have a little fun, and see who everyone really likes.

Craig selects:

  1. Zack Wheeler: He still has issues with command and control, but made huge strides this season and exhibited why some scouts count him among the top three pitching prospects in the minors. A future #1 or #2 starter for the Mets.
  2. Wilmer Flores: His ceiling has always been off the charts, but 2012 was his coming out party. Maybe those comparisons to Juan Gonzalez and Miguel Cabrera were over the top, maybe not. For now he needs to excel at Triple-A and if he demolishes baseballs like he did in Binghamton and St. Lucie, he’ll be in Citi Field sometime in 2013.
  3. Rafael Montero: He won’t blow you away with his 92-93 mph fastball, but his slider is lethal, his curve gets big outs, and his changeup keeps getting better. The best part is he throws all of his pitches with precision and great command. His 1.4 walk rate will attest to that, but his 8.1 K/9 shows that you don’t need to throw 98 mph to overpower hitters. He’s definitely a keeper.
  4. Hansel Robles: After four solid seasons in a row, it’s time to make room for Robles at the top of any Mets top prospects list. Now 20, this hard-throwing righthander will apply his trade in a full season league in 2013 and don’t be shocked if he skips Savannah and starts the year in St. Lucie.
  5. Michael Fulmer: A fierce competitor with an electric fastball that touches 97-98 and an array of secondary pitches that kept improving and had scouts taking notice. Only 19 and he’ll be mixing it up with much older prospects in St. Lucie next season. He’s going to move up the ranks quickly.

Sean selects:

  1. Wilmer Flores: Potential. With possible move to 2B, could be one of best hitting 2B in MLB. Defense will never be a calling card
  2. Domingo Tapia: Strikeouts, low walks, velocity. All things that make great pitchers. If breaking ball comes around, solid starter potential
  3. Aderlin Rodriguez: The power is by far best in the system, and possibly top-10 in MiLB. Without a position, but plus-power doesn’t grow on trees
  4. Brandon Nimmo: Has great potential, but is raw as can be. Good eye at plate, good defense, good speed. Upside is above-average RF.
  5. Rafael Montero: Velocity, low walks, ground balls. Dominated at both A levels without a true breaking ball.

Clayton selects:

  1. Zack Wheeler: This is pretty obvious. There aren’t many major leaguers I would trade Wheeler for, not sure if there are any. He’s going to be a top of the rotation starter for many years to come. Great deal getting him for Beltran, no need/desire to deal him, nor should there be.
  2. Wilmer Flores: Daniel Murphy is not the long-term solution at second base and it appears the Mets are grooming Flores to eventually be their everyday man alongside Tejada up the middle. He could possibly be a middle infielder with some pop, and that’s a valuable asset.
  3. Hansel Robles: He has dominated at every single level of his four-year pro-career with the Mets, I look forward to seeing him at Savannah or St. Lucie next year. It will be a big test for him and I believe he will thrive next season.
  4. Luis Mateo: An excellent strikeout pitcher who dominated the New York-Penn League much like Robles. Another one I;m looking forward to seeing in Savannah..
  5. Cam Maron: Love his makeup, a little low in the power department, but a solid defensive catcher with the capability to bat .300/.400 like he did this year with Savannah, I am very interested to see how the hometown kid progresses.

Satish selects:

  1. Zack Wheeler: I am a little hesitant to rank this guy above Harvey overall, but there is no denying the talent is there. When the floor seems to be a #3 starter, you know you have a good one on your hands.
  2. Michael Fulmer: A 19 year old dominated the Savannah league. Those guys are what, all in their twenties? I think he is a keeper.
  3. Hansel Robles: I know the numbers were only in Brooklyn – but he was a god among men. I am eager to see how he pitches at higher levels.
  4. Wilmer Flores: Finally, there is reason to keep the hope… Time is still on his side and he would likely be undervalued as a trade chip.
  5. Domingo Tapia: A hard thrower who is making strides in the right direction – a 3.16 SO/BB ratio and his filthy stuff is starting to convince me that he has a bright MLB future in a few years.

Fonzie13 selects:

  1. Zack Wheeler: He’s the best prospect in the system and has a chance to be part of a lethal 1-2 punch along with Matt Harvey.
  2. Wilmer Flores: He’s simply the best position player in the system. A system that has very few potential impact bats above A-Ball . He has a chance to be an Edgardo Alfonzo type of situational hitter with more pop, minus the defense.
  3. Rafael Montero: Electric stuff, excellent command and mound poise at a very young age. Excellent K to BB ratio. Should blaze through the system.
  4. Luis Mateo: See Raffy Montero. Insane K to BB ratio.
  5. Micheal Fulmer: Power arm, bulldog mentality, excellent poise, sits 94-96 at 19 years old with a wicked curveball.

Connor selects:

  1. Zack Wheeler: He was already the top prospect in the system before last season and now after making big strides this season, may be one of the best in baseball.
  2. Wilmer Flores: The power stroke is developing. Now it’s time to find a position…
  3. Michael Fulmer: To dominate A-ball like he did just a year after graduating high school is very impressive.
  4. Rafael Montero: He showed stellar command this season. I’m really excited about him going forward.
  5. Domingo Tapia: He has incredible “stuff.” He also has very good command, a great sign for such a young pitcher.

NYMets945 selects:

  1. Zack Wheeler: The guy has just flat out pitched in his time as a Mets prospect and nothing more to say.
  2. Michael Fulmer: Viewed as #3 prospect in OK in 2011 draft but probably higher if any other year’s draft and proved why this year.
  3. Rafael Montero: He has pitched with pinpoint control in his time in Mets system and has excelled at every level with strikeouts and little walks.
  4. Brandon Nimmo: As a kid out of Wyoming and only 19 years old with mostly college players, he had a wonderful year for Brooklyn in leadoff spot showing his five tools.
  5. Jacob DeGrom: Excelled this year in Savannah and St Lucie and has only shifted recently the mound, so his arm is more resilient than most who pitched in college.

We’d love to see who your untouchable Mets prospects are. Leave your lists below in the comments thread.