Let’s Trim The Fat Off The Mets 40-Man Roster

Let’s get a move on Sandy!

What is taking Sandy Alderson so long to make roster cuts? The Mets have been making moves over the last few days as they begin to trim the fat off of the 40-man roster. The one problem I have is, why is it taking so long to make the cuts? According to Alderson he already knows who’s coming and going, so lets get on with it Sandy!

So far we have cut Rob Johnson, Justin Hampson, and now Fred Lewis. This team needs to overhaul as much of this team as possible, so I am fairly certain that the cuts we have seen thus far won’t be the end. Sandy has much more work to do, but lets take a look at who should be removed.

Here is the Mets current 40-Man Roster, which currently stands at 37 active players. (Note that Byrdak, Gee and Pelfrey are not active.)

Lets trim the fat!

Of pitchers listed here I don’t see the need for Robert Carson to be protected, nor do I wish to see another year of Manny Acosta. I would bring Chris Young back as insurance once again, but not on the 40-man roster. If he wants a spot he will have to sign another minor league deal.  Everybody else can stay as they are potential starters, bullpen arms or trade pieces.

For the hitters I don’t see the need for Andres Torres to stay. The Mets should decline his arbitration and let him walk free. With the exception of the stellar year he had in 2010, he is what we saw this past season, a good backup with quality speed and defense. I think the team needs to make a decision between Thole and Nickeas. Both are poor offensive players, and neither is exception defensively. I would cut one of them, more likely Nickeas.

I would also take a long look at Zach Lutz and Reese Havens. Lutz has not wowed us with his play in the minors, and do you really care if someone takes Havens? Reese has little to no trade value since he can never stay on the field. Because of that reason he can’t be counted on for a future second base spot as we had hoped. Time to cut the rope with him.

Finally, we get to Scott Hairston, Ronny Cedeno, and Tim Byrdak. All three players are unrestricted free agents. Byrdak is coming off a injury and is 37 years old. His time may have run out here in flushing, unless he comes back at a bargain, which in my opinion should be a minor league deal. I would take both Hairston and Cedeno back as bench options. With Cedeno that is a possibility, but Hairston may have priced himself out on New York and earned a starting job somewhere else. Of the three I only see Cedeno returning.

So with these moves the Mets will be able to cut down from the current 37 active players to 28. This enables them to activate Dillon Gee, and add Zach Wheeler which would bring them to 30 total. That would leave Sandy 10 open spots to add players via trade or free agency.

This is what I would do, what about you? Or better yet, what will Sandy do?