It’s LCS Time!

Last night, the Tigers got a scare thanks to Jose Valverde and Raul Ibanez – but the game ended with Yankees fans hearts on the floors as they watched Derek Jeter’s postseason come to an end.

This series to me, regardless of Jeter’s injury is going to be all about Valverde v. Soriano. The teams are both pretty evenly matched in starting pitching if you ask me, paired with the Yankees lineup inability to get a big hit (minus Raul & Jeter), this series is likely to be very close.

Today is Game 2, and the Yankees will send Hiroki Kuroda to the mound on short rest. Detroit on the other hand will rely on former Marlins pitcher Anibal Sanchez to pitch them to Detroit with a series lead.

The pitching matchups as a whole favor Detroit because the Yankees needed to pitch Sabathia in Game 5 on Friday night, which likely means he may only pitch once this series. Verlander on the other hand will be available to pitch Game 3 in Detroit and then if necessary he would be available in Game 7 on his normal rest.

Game 2 is an absolute must win for the Yankees. Somebody in their lineup is going to have to step up in the absence of Jeter. This is ARod’s moment, will he take it?

Everything about this matchup favors Detroit. The starting rotation’s rest, and the health of their starting lineup.

Anything can happen, as we saw last night or two nights ago in Washington – but I picked Detroit prior to the series, so I am obviously sticking to it.

Who had Detroit to the World Series?: Michael Barrett, Tie Dyed, Clayton Collier, Ed Leyro, Jessep, Mitch Petanick

Who had the Yankees to the World Series?: Xtreemicon

Who lost their AL Predicted Champ?: Jim Mancari (OAK), Greg Hopps (BALT), Clare Lafferty (OAK), Jessica DeMattia (OAK), Joe D (TEX).

The NLCS pits the last two World Series champions against one another, a great matchup with some great storylines.

Mets fans will watch closely as Carlos Beltran and Angel Pagan sit on opposite sides of the chalk, looking to each get to their first World Series.

The Cardinals staged the greatest comeback in MLB playoff history, down 6-0 on the road in an elimination game. They proved yet again, that the game is not over until the final out. That never say die mentality is something to be admired in today’s game.

Both of these teams are experienced enough, and that should lead to a great series. For me, I look at the weapons. The Giants got by without really using Tim Lincecum – and it seems he’s been rejuvenated as of late. He’s going to be available in the bullpen should they need him, and if not – you can expect him to start as early as Game 4.

Both of these teams had exhausting LDS’. The Giants had to come back from a 2-0 series, while we all know what the Cardinals went through. The Giants got an extra day of rest though, which could prove huge for the pitching matchups.

For me, I look to starting pitching here. I believe their offenses both have enough weapons to get a big hit in a close game – but the starters are the difference.

Give me Bumgarner-Vogelsong-Cain-Lincecum over Lynn-Carpenter-Lohse-Wainwright.

Once again, I took the Giants over the Cardinals before the playoffs started, so I can’t change my mind now.

Who had the Cardinals to the World Series?: Ed Leyro

Who had the Giants to the World Series?: Jessep

Who lost their NL Predicted Champ?: Jim Mancari (CIN), Greg Hopps (WAS), Clare Lafferty (WAS), Jessica DeMattia (WAS), Michael Barrett (CIN), Tie Dyed (WAS), Joe D (WAS), Xtreemicon (ATL), Mitch Petanick (ATL), Clayton Collier (WAS).

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