Has Murphy Done Enough To Keep His Job At Second Base?

Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins have spoken glowingly about the progress made at second base by Daniel Murphy this season.

“I think anytime you’re a guy who’s trying to learn a new position, you spend a lot of time at that position to get comfortable, and Dan has worked very, very hard,” Collins said. “I think he’s done a very good job defensively, he’s really done a good job around the bag.”

Murphy has committed 15 errors this year, though Collins said he’s seen great improvement in the second half. Collins has also been impressed with Murphy’s offense despite the lack of real power.

“He’s hit in some different spots in the lineup,” Collins said. “Players who come in here like to know where they’re hitting in the lineup. But Dan’s one of those guys, who as long as his name’s in the lineup, he’s going to get you some good at-bats.”

Murphy was solid at the plate batting .291 with just six home runs, but 40 doubles to go along with them. He drove in 65 while scoring 62 runs and had a .733 OPS for the season.

I asked our staff about Murphy and whether they thought he had shown them enough to remain at second base for the Mets next season.

Jessica – I’ve always liked Daniel Murphy. One of my favorites and one of the nicest ballplayers on the team. After jumping around from position to position, it seems like Murphy has finally found his spot at second base and I can see him as the Mets starting 2B in 2013. I also think the Mets would give him the best opportunity to start; if he were to play for another team, he would probably be more of a utility/pinch hitter type of player.

Nick – For me Daniel Murphy absolutely solidified 2B as his. While he didn’t hit for good power he is solid enough on offense and improved on defense and I am only trading him if a true 2B is signed.

Robert P. –  In my opinion yes, and anyone who has paid attention this year should know by now that I am definitely NOT with 28.  Murphy’s defensive abilities still leave a lot to be desired, but he showed significant progress. While it would be great to squeeze some more power out of him, his bat still ranks among the best second baseman in baseball in several categories. I’m for keeping this square peg in its round hole for at least one more season.

Mitch – Daniel Murphy has done enough to earn the job in 2013, but he is still a year to year type project. If he takes a step backwards with either the bat or glove he will be out – but if he keeps progressing he will be the Mets second baseman of the future.

XtreemIcon – He’s by far the best in-house option they have, provided Tejada is the shortstop. I wouldn’t lock him and preclude improving that position via trade, but it’s his job to lose right now.

Clare –  I love Murph’s passion, effort and drive. And he did a good job at second this year. But, if a real 2nd baseman was available, I would go after him. I wish the Mets could find a real place for Murph.

Barry – I’d trade Murphy in the right deal and give Valdespin and some veteran (?) a shot at second base. I’d trade Murphy even-up for a possible closer who lost his job with another team, but is still young (say Jordan Walden) or maybe a righty bat, but no giveaways.

 Joe S. – Is he the most important piece of the puzzle that needs to be fixed…probably not.  Does that mean he’s a lock though?  By default yes.  Unless someone within the organization ( Attention Reese Havens) decides to live up to their potential I don’t see Murphy going anywhere.

Jessep – Nobody gets more out of their God given ability than Daniel Murphy does on the diamond. To me, I’d prefer a defensive minded 2B. With Tejada and Ike still being very young, I’d love a veteran 2B there with a good-great glove who can hack it as an NL hitter. If Murphy hit for more power like Dan Uggla, then I certainly would be more accepting of his defensive woes. I appreciate everything Murphy has done, but I think his lack of defensive ability will always haunt him.

Gregg – I am a huge Daniel Murphy fan. He should 100%, most definitely be the Mets second baseman for 2013. Murph is a proven big league hitter, and he’s accepted every challenge this team has presented him with (left field, first base). Yeah, Murph has paid his dues and earned the right to be the starting second baseman.

Ed – He did.  But I think he will be the Mets’ everyday second baseman only because the Mets have no other decent option.  Where have you gone, Reese Havens?

Dan – Daniel was very productive this season, and ranks up there as some of the top offensive second baseman in the league. However, he still has his flaws and if we can find an upgrade then I would be open to it.

What are your thoughts on Murphy?

Are you content with his progress and okay with him as your second baseman for at least another season?

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