Alderson Reveals His Offseason Plan

Well, Sandy Alderson did meet with Mets beat writers as I mentioned earlier and he had a mouthful to say. Adam Rubin got a good summary of everything:

Wow… So lets see…

1. Informal conversations have taken place with Dickey and Wright. I think that’s called discussing parameters.

2. Buyouts on options for Santana and Bay ARE part of the 2013 Payroll – That’s Huge. $9 million. I had some questioning me about that.

3. Says his #1 Goal is building from the farm. That’s why we failed to sign our second round pick and 19 other draft selections?

4. Trades are not a given. Well duh, you need trade chips and Ike, Wright, Dickey and Niese is all you have.

5. Collins won’t be extended. That will make some happy here.

6. He is changing his approach to dealing with retaining players. Huh, no box of chocolates? Tell me that wasn’t a reference to the botched Reyes talks?

7. I still hold to my philosophy, but there are exceptions to every rule. I see a crack in the levee.

8. His second priority is retaining core players. Wonder who the core players are? Is Ike Davis a core player? Jon Niese?

9. “I don’t want to give the impression we’ll be in the free-agent market looking for significant” pieces. We will not in the near future have unlimited funds.” Ya think?

Nothing here that I didn’t already speculate or know. Just a solid validation of what I’ve been saying for months.

Remember my post “He Speaks” on what Alderson called “wholesale changes”? Like I said, ain’t happening…

So far we have the Same Owners, Same Front Office, Same Manager, Same Coaching Staff, and the Same Payroll going into the 2013 season. The Magic Is Back…

We at MMO would like to thank Sandy Alderson for his forthrightness.

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