Witnessing A Dream Come True

Everybody knows by now the story of Moonlight Graham right? The end result of that story is that he didn’t get a 2nd chance at getting a major league at bat.

Well, in front of our very own eyes we will see an ending to a similar story.

Guilford, Connecticut resident Adam Greenberg will be playing the part of Moonlight Graham on October 2nd. Don’t know Greenberg’s story?

On July 9, 2005 – Adam Greenberg was called up by the Cubs to face the Marlins. Greenberg was a speedy minor league outfielder, small in stature. But he got his chance.

On the very first pitch of his young career, Valerio de los Santos’s pitch got away and drilled Greenberg in the head.

That’s the least you should know. The full story can be seen at detailed by filmmaker Matt Liston. You can watch it by going to oneatbat.com.

You’ll see the day to day struggles Greenberg faced while dealing with post-concussion syndrome. His attempts at getting back in a big league uniform, and his disappointment in not getting the second chance.

This past year there has been a campaign to get him one more at bat, a chance to swing the bat. Currently, Greenberg plays for Team Israel.

At first, it looked promising that the Cubs would be interested but they chose to not take on the case respectfully.

However, today it was officially announced that the Miami Marlins are giving Greenberg his chance. When are they doing it? October 2nd, versus our New York Mets.

According to espn.com, the Marlins have received approval from Bud Selig to offer Greenberg a 1 day contract for the October 2nd game.

What I especially love about this story now that the Mets are tied into it, is the fact it involves a 2nd chance ballplayer going up against the ultimate second chance player in R.A. Dickey who is currently scheduled to start that game.

You have to tip your cap to the Marlins for giving this kid a chance to fulfill a dream that he earned in 2005.

I think it’s safe to say that for one moment during that game, most of us will be rooting for a base hit off of R.A. Dickey.

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