The San Francisco Giants Should Trade For David Wright

What the Mets should do with David Wright after the 2012 season has been the talk of the town as the season winds down. There has been a healthy mix of opinions on what the Mets should actually do with regards to David – some argue to hang on to the aging third baseman, while others want to trade him while the Mets can still lure top tier prospects for him. One team that may be in the need of a third baseman, and always has prospects in the reserves, is the San Francisco Giants.

The Giants currently have Pablo Sandoval under contract until the year 2014. The problem is he can’t stay on the field. He’s always injured, most likely due to his inability to stay in shape. His nickname is panda, which isn’t exactly the fittest animal in the animal kingdom. I have my suspicions that the Giants may be growing tired of the Panda’s antics. The Giants fans aren’t far behind, growing more and more frustrated with their loveable panda every day. That’s because Sandoval would be better suited for an American League team. In the AL, he could play the field when needed, but be used primarily in a DH role. He still has a very solid bat when he is healthy. For that reason, the Giants would be wise to try and move Sandoval to an AL team while they can get some value for him.

Once the Giants move Sandoval there will be a glaring hole at third base. The question is, would the Mets be able to lure away some top prospects from the Giants in exchange for Wright? Two prospects that I would love to see in the Mets organization are Gary Brown and Joe Panik. Joe Panik is a native New Yorker (actually graduated from the same high school as I did), played his college ball at St. John’s, and has all the makings to be a solid middle infielder. Gary Brown is a solid defensive outfielder and a speedster, who could be a legit leadoff hitter at the top of the Mets lineup for the foreseeable future. Both of these players seem to be a lock to be productive major leaguers, which takes some of the mystery out of the equation for the Mets if the decide to trade Wright.

Joe Panik dominated in his time at St. John’s

If the Mets do decide to trade Wright, they will be looking to get some prospects that can help the team right away. Gary Brown projects to be ready in 2013, and Joe Panik in 2013-14. Would that be enough for the Mets trade David Wright? Has Pablo Sandoval’s inability to stay in shape and injury risk finally pushed the Giants to the brink? Only time will tell. It’s starting to get chilly outside, so it’s time to start heating up the stove.