Thank Goodness September Is Here

Jenrry Mejia returns this September

As much as we all hoped the Mets would contend this season, we all had to know in the back of our minds that it was a long shot. They took us on a fun ride through the first half, but showed what they really were around the all-star break. Now it’s time to turn our attention to the September call-ups and the playoff chases down the stretch.

In September the pennant races begin to heat up, and all across baseball you get to see a glimspe into the future. It’s a time to get a look at some of the potential young players who might be competing for a roster spot come Spring.

The second wild card will has added a whole new element to the races this fall, it’s just too bad we aren’t even close enough to be mentioned in the discussion. As a baseball fan I am intrigued to see if the Baltimore Orioles can overtake the Yankees, and if the Oakland A’s and Pittsburgh Pirates can make it to the playoffs. I’m not even going to bore you with the potential scenarios that we might get back in this thing. It’s over, done, and gone. We are now looking to next season and are in full evaluation mode.

Sandy has a ton of work to do as the off-season approaches, but for now let’s enjoy the month we have left of Mets baseball. Let’s enjoy watching Mejia make a few starts, and Harvey’s final 1-2 outings. Let’s enjoy Dickey’s chase for 20 wins. Let’s look at Valdespin, Duda, and Shoppach to see if they can leave a mark for potential spots in 2013.  Let’s just enjoy the game over the next month, because the Mets season is almost over.