Should Mets Consider Bringing Mike Pelfrey Back?

Mike Pelfrey surfaced on the Mets’ radar yesterday when he showed up in St. Louis to participate in the team’s fantasy football draft. Pelfrey was shelved almost immediately and underwent Tommy John surgery, May 1.

Most likely, he’ll be non-tendered in December because he’s arbitration eligible and made $5.6875 million this season. The rules state players must make at least 80 percent of their previous year’s salary, but in reality rarely take a pay cut.

Should the Mets re-sign Pelfrey for a lower salary, Terry Collins said he’d consider him in the bullpen, which is not the first time the Mets have done so. Willie Randolph thought about it during the epic collapse of 2007.

I realize Pelfrey has fallen short of expectations, especially when now compared with Matt Harvey. However, the Mets’ rotation is precariously thin with Johan Santana and Dillon Gee coming off injuries – Harvey unproven, and not knowing what to expect from their minor league system.

Pitching is always at a premium and three years ago Pelfrey looked as if he was making a breakthrough. That potential could still be there. I’d rather that the chance on Pelfrey regaining that previous form than the Mets shopping in the dark in the discount aisle.

Because, after all, who doesn’t expect a rotation breakdown next year?

Thoughts From Joe D.

I’m not that keen on bringing Mike Pelfrey back at all, even at a deeply discounted rate. I’m tired of all the losing, and I’m tired of seeing all the same faces. We really need to give this team a face-lift and I’m not talking about just revamping the bullpen or the bench as we have the last two seasons.

I get the point John is making here, but if you want to add depth to the rotation to protect the team from future breakdowns, why bring back a pitcher who was never more than mediocre at best (50-54, 4.36 ERA, 1.46 WHIP)?

Furthermore, who is to say that Pelfrey himself won’t breakdown after coming off surgery?

Even if he were to comeback healthy, he won’t be 100% until his second season following his return. Why would we need to rely on someone who would be less than what he was next season – less than mediocre, or in other words just plain bad?

Lets move on already…

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