MMO Fan Shot: What Did You Do To Honor The First Responders Who Died On 9/11?

I got to work about a half hour early this morning like I always do so I can have some coffee and catch up on my Mets. Like I usually do, I went to my favorites bar on Chrome and clicked on MMO. I was treated to a few touching posts about September 11th. None of the articles had anything to do with wearing hats. They were about the memories of that tragic day, the feelings they still stir up eleven years later, the servicemen and servicewomen who still put their lives on the line, and they were about the American ideal. I was very moved.

I then began hitting my other favorite haunts where I was greeted with all this false outrage about the Mets not wearing the first responder hats during the game. (They are wearing them in the pre-game ceremonies and during batting practice.)

You know the argument, it’s been going on for years.

The complaints are always the same and so are the ignorant comments that the Mets players don’t care, the Mets front office don’t care, Major League Baseball don’t care, etc. I’m so sick of hearing this every year.

The Mets players do care. The Mets executives do care. Major League Baseball does care. How dare you call them out simply because they don’t succumb to your warped view that wearing the hats is the only way baseball players can show they care and honor all the victims.

Let me ask all these pompous Mets bloggers and Mets beat writers what they’ve done today to honor the first responders who died, as well as the families of all those who perished?

What did you do for them today?

Did you close down your sites in memoriam?

Did you make a large donation to the WTC Memorial?

Did you visit your local fire house and greet them with a large gift basket of fruits and delicacies?

Are you wearing a first responder hat to your job today or are you wearing it as you read this?

What did you do for the first responders other than call out your own team who spent most of this past week visiting fire houses  police precincts, schools and charity events?

I started this day by coming to Metmerized and reading a few touching posts that made me feel proud to be a Mets fan. But by the time lunch hour rolled around, I was disgusted and disappointed by the outpouring of false outrage from some of the other sites I’ve gone to regarding these first responder hats.

This is very sad, to say the least.

On Sunday me and my family visited the WTC 9/11 Memorial for the first time. It was breathtaking. It was beautiful. It was sad.

Today is the Anniversary of the worst day in our county’s history.

Don’t use that tragedy as your impetus for getting on your soapbox and calling our players, coaches and baseball in general unpatriotic.

If this is was your way of honoring this day, your effort was less than zero.

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