MMO Fair or Foul: Are You Still With 28?

Here’s an interesting debate to toss around this morning after reading a column by Rich Couthino of CBS Sports. Rich writes:

I believe it is far from a slam dunk that Daniel Murphy will be back here playing second base for a number of reasons. First of all, a .290 batting average with only 5 homers and 55 RBI’s do not constitute a core bat and Sandy Alderson will be looking to add some right-handed balance to his lineup in 2013. That being said, it would be hard for me to believe that both Lucas Duda AND Daniel Murphy would return next year. Add in the fact that of the rwo players, Murphy would have far more trade market value than Duda.

Couthino also cites durability issues with Murphy who was recently given some time off in August for admitting to being out of gas. “That’s a signal he is not an everyday player”, he writes, and he concludes that Murphy can be a complimentary piece in this lineup but not a core bat..

Murphy is a strange situation to figure out. I must admit I’m surprised were winding down the season and he is still the Mets everyday second baseman. I never thought the experiment would last past May.

I always hoped that all those doubles Murphy has been known for would someday translate into more power, but it never happened and at this point he is what he is. As I wrote on Friday, Murphy also enters his first year of arbitration.

His lack of speed coupled with Ruben Tejada’s clubbed feet make it tough to generate runs and forces the Mets into a station to station offense with no power to bring them home.

However, the bottom line is we have too many flawed players. Likable players, yes, but flawed nonetheless and there’s no escaping that reality.

Making things worse is that so many of them are all up for raises via arbitration, making it where we’ll be paying more to keep these same mostly fringe everyday player like Murphy, Josh Thole and possibly even Ike Davis, who I certainly do not put into the “sure thing” category yet.

This team has made little if any progress since the end of the 2010 season, and in fact we have more areas of concern now than we did back then.

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