Metsmerized Radio Wrap-Up: Episode 2 Featuring Adam Rubin

The MetsMerized Radio Show team was proud have ESPN’s Adam Rubin as our featured guest for our second official episode. Adam expounded on a variety of hot topics and shared some great insights. Our host, Matthew Falkenbury of the Daily Stache, had a great exchange with him.

MMO Minor League Editor, Pete Shapiro, dropped some great minor league knowledge on us, as always, and I got to throw a few questions in the direction of Matthew from the Mets fanbase. Thanks for the support, guys! Here’s the rundown of what went down for those of you who missed it.

  • In case you are wondering, Stephen Hanks was on an assignment down in Atlanta and was unable to make this show. He will return next week.
  • Matt opened up by talking about the Mets recent run on the road, going 6-3. He believed they had one last good run in them and that they could make a last grasp towards .500 baseball.
  • “2012 is a bridge, and you want to see that bridge built correctly.”
  • Chipper Jones plays his final game in Queens on Sunday, but on that topic, the Mets need to play spoiler to the Braves and Nationals.
  • “It would be an absolute joy to see the Braves choke again, and the Mets can help start them on that path.”
  • Did you know the Mets are over .500 on the road under Terry Collins two years running? I didn’t.. Matt had a nice little piece about the Mets play at home, too.

Adam Rubin comes on around the fifteen minute mark and got some good questions thrown his way in a segment that I can guarantee is worth listening to. You can hear him discuss:

  • The Mets financial situation, where he talks about how the Mets reportedly lost $23 million this year even after slashing payroll. He discusses the lack of cash flow from the Mets owners and how the Mets are working in contrast to the Dodgers organization. They’re waiting for the revenue to come in before they spend again. He said another team would invest the dollars like a stimulus to keep the fans dialed in and coming to the park, but they are in no position do do even that.
  • He says regardless of what is being reported, the Mets might not be spending until 2014 when Bay and Santana come off the books.
  • He discusses the current mood in the clubhouse after a recent stretch of good baseball.
  • Nobody is quitting on Collins, the problem is the talent level. The young Mets that have something to prove and the veterans are fighting for new contracts.
  • Listen to a great comparison from what scouts told him between Zach Wheeler versus Matt Harvey.
  • David Wright and his contract status – and even a Jose Reyes name drop.
  • His bluntness on Twitter and how he feels about Twitter. Met fans think beat writers should be Met fans too and that’s not what they get paid to do
  • Sandy Alderson and the Mets front office after two years.

Pete Shapiro, our minor league editor here at MMO, came on after Matt hung up on him. Matthew says it was an accident but make your own judgment… LOL.

  • Pete tackled the playoff teams for the NYM minor league system; the Brooklyn Cyclones and the St.Lucie Mets. You can hear him sing the praises of the St. Lucie pitching staff in 2012.
  • Some talk about Brandon Nimmo, Wilmer Flores, and Michael Fulmer. Fulmer is quickly becoming someone you have to keep your eye on.
  • Pete also took some time to address the puzzling question of why the upper level minor league teams have trouble winning while the lower levels are experiencing levels of success.

The last gimmick on this radio show is my own, which is the Ask MetsMerized segment. We had enough time to tackle questions from Ceetar, AlwaysWright, Met Maniac, and Brendan. Matt addressed Ruben Tejada’s recent decline, the future of Lucas Duda and the Mets outfield, and what you should expect from Alderson this offseason.

All in all, this was a great show, and remember, just because you missed the live show does not mean you need to be left in the dark!

You can access the archived version of the second episode right here: MetsMerized Radio Show Episode 2.

Be sure to tune in next week when we’re expecting to have ESPN’s Mark Simon on as special guest and a possible appearance from Mets pitching prospect and local product Steve Matz as well. Brandon Nimmo, Kevin Plawecki, Phil Evans and Gavin Cecchini have all agreed to appear as guests in upcoming shows and we’re in the process of sorting them all out as far as scheduling. Mike Vaccaro, Kevin Kernan and Joel Sherman will be joining us as well in the next few weeks.