MetsMerized Radio Recap: Steven Matz and Mark Simon

The MetsMerized Radio Show team was proud to have ESPN’s Mark Simon and Mets prospect Steven Matz as our featured guests for our third official episode. Our host, Matthew Falkenbury from the Daily Stache, was on fire opening up the show with a rant that on its own added a new crinkle to his reputation as a radio host. He ripped into the team and threw a question out there we would have loved to hear you all answer: What is the excuse this year? Is it just a lack of talent? Is it the front office? Why have the Mets been so bad at home in the second half? Make sure to get to that podcast and listen if you have not already.

As per the usual, the fifteen minute mark signaled the arrival of Mark Simon from ESPN. He seemed really happy to be on the show with us. A small outline of what you missed:

  • Do the statistics show a reason as to why the Mets have struggled at home in the second half? You can hear Mark Simon’s take on the second half struggles.
  • “If you’re watching for results…Don’t.”
  • You can hear what Mark Simon feels about the current offensive philosophy for this team.
  • Ike Davis is always a good topic. Matt Harvey, too!
  • Why do the Nationals dominate us at Citi Field?
  • Did we get his opinion on the Chipper Jones tribute? Of course we did.
  • Did someone name drop Generation K? You bet.
  • Mark expresses his feelings about the state of the organization as a whole: Front office and Terry Collins. Interesting to hear his opinion on Terry Collins – he wants to see him play with a better core of players and a better defensive outfield.

MMO Minor League Editor, Pete Shapiro, worked with Matt to interview Steven Matz. I have to say, it was an informative little exchange, but here is a little note: If you want to stay on Matt’s good side, do not mention Frank Viola. It is always good to get into the mind of these young arms out there – and Matz is definitely a name you want to remember. Matz posted a 1.55 ERA in six starts for Kingsport and he tops out in the mid nineties. You can learn a little more about him and who he thinks are the cant-miss future stars that were in Kingsport with him this year.

The last segment on this radio show is my own, which is the Ask MetsMerized feature. The segment got a little extension this week with the show picking up an extra half hour – so you all will be able to hear me botch words and sound lost. Once you get past that, you can hear some great questions provided by Hodges 14, Hakuna Tejada, David, Will, and Billy. You’ll hear Matt and I get into a discussion about topics like the Mets potential record next year, when they will be contenders again, what the 2014 lineup might look like, and name drops like Jason Bay, Daniel Murphy and… BJ Upton? Yeah, BJ Upton.

All in all, this was a fun show, and remember, just because you missed the live show does not mean you need to be left in the dark!

You can access the archived version of the third episode right here: MetsMerized Radio Show!

Be sure to tune in next week. Brandon Nimmo, Kevin Plawecki, Greg Peavey, Phil Evans and Gavin Cecchini have all agreed to appear as guests in upcoming shows and we’re in the process of sorting them all out as far as scheduling. Mike Vaccaro, Kevin Kernan and Joel Sherman will be joining us as well in the next few weeks. If you’re an MiLB junkie, Pete and Matt are going to tackle some notes on the Arizona Fall League. Looking forward to next week!