Mets Offense Fails To Back Up Dickey In 5-3 Loss

The Mets (65-77) lost to the Nationals (88-54) by the score of 5-3 on Tuesday evening at Citi Field.

I was pretty disappointed tonight. It was just a bad display of Mets baseball. The post-game media did not make it any better.

Today is September 11th, 2012. 11 years since a horrible tragedy – and on the topic of honoring, the Mets did what they were supposed to. They wore the hats during pre-game and batting practice to honor the heroes from that day, and had an active FDNY member sing God Bless America during the seventh game stretch. Those pre-game ceremonies on September 11th are always emotional… so, credit should be given for that much at the least.

Dickey was not in complete control tonight, but as always, he pitched really well. His final line was seven innings pitched, with three earned runs off eight hits and three walks. He was taken out after only 84 pitches, which is a questionable decision. The big blemish was a pinch-hit two-run HR for Tyler Moore of the Nats, which was absolutely heartbreaking because the Mets fell behind 3-2 at that point. It is sad, but after I saw him give up that HR, I lost all hope. The Mets did not do much to change my thought process, as they went down on three straight strikeouts in the bottom of the seventh. Rauch was shaky in the eighth but he managed to get out of it without allowing any runs.

Francisco went out and could not pick up an out in the ninth, and was on the hook for three hits, two earned runs, and a walk. The second of the two earned runs came about via a hit allowed by Josh Edgin, who combined with Acosta to finish out the pitching for the Mets.

The offense managed to break a bad omen tonight by actually scoring two runs in one inning – via Daniel Murphy’s 36th 2B and a Wright RBI single. It was the first time since August 12th. At that point, the Mets were up 2-1. They would add their third run in the ninth, off a Scott Hairston solo bomb. It was his 17th.


Tough night overall. I was really hoping they could pull off the win for a multitude of reasons.

12 straight home games with 3 runs or fewer. That is a franchise record…

Since July 8th : 4-21 at home. 2.3 runs per game and .170 average with RISP.

Tejada had three hits.

Dickey himself said his knuckleball was mediocre tonight. Collins supposedly had a pre-game meeting and decided to start Jason Bay over Lucas Duda purely for defense. It might have taken away from the offense, though. Bay was 0-3 with 3 LOB and a K.

Dickey’s next start is supposed to be on Monday against the Phillies. He fell to 18 – 5 , but his ERA stands at 2.68, tops in the NL.

On a more heartwarming note, you can read a little about the Mets charity work with a nonprofit called Tuesday’s Children as part of honoring the victims of 9/11 right here.

Up Next

The Nats shut down Strasburg, so we will see John Lannan take on our own homegrown star in Matt Harvey tomorrow evening. They start at 7:10 where Harvey will make his second to last start before being shut down himself.