Mets Front Office Turned The Tables On The Players And The Fans

Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?

I was reading the excellent post by Joe D that was inspired by a statement from Metsie entitled, “Are The Players Turning The Tables On The Mets Front Office?” But I felt one key factor was missing from the summations made in the piece and on the comment thread that ensued.

One chapter in Mets recent history that needs to be pointed out again, was the deep, wide-stretching amount of damage Sandy did when he opened up his big and insensitive mouth this year at mid-season. That was when he decided to shirk his own responsibility for the state of this team and throw his players under the bus.

He thought we Mets fans were so stupid that all he had to do was suggest it, and as though he were using Jedi-Mind-Tricks, we fans would actually blame the players for the state of the team as they started to crumble and not Alderson himself. And this coming on the heels of the players over-achieving for most of the first half of the season.

That was when Mr. Alderson lost me. And he didn’t lose just me either. He also lost most if not all of his players and coaches, and a great many fans. If you were David Wright, would you want to play for owners like these, and a GM that doesn’t care or even respect his players?

If you were R.A. Dickey and you saw the way they handled the Jose Reyes contract situation. The way they have done nothing to improve the major league team, and I mean nothing. The way they disrespect their own players. The way they are committed to losing rather than winning. Would you want to sign a four year commitment to play for this team? And possibly without David Wright as part of it any longer?

These guys are competitive, pro-athletes, who got to where they are in life by competing and winning. They don’t want to play for a team in turmoil, a team with no direction, no plan, no clear path or understanding.

Alderson is a corporate extension of the owners’ malaise, and ineptitude. He is their reflection. Their mirror image. Two suits staring at one another, Wilpon and Alderson. Alderson and Wilpon. Okay I give up which is which? Because I can’t tell them apart anymore.

The fact is ownership doesn’t give a damn if the team wins or loses, and the GM they hired doesn’t care either.