Mets Bullpen Continues To Keep Mets Fans On The Edge Of Their Seats

The thought crossed everyone’s mind yesterday afternoon – I can’t believe the bullpen is going to blow this three run lead for Dickey. They flashed to Dickey very briefly, as he sat in the dugout during the ninth inning of yesterday’s game, with his twentieth victory hanging in the balance, and he looked about as cool as a cucumber. Meanwhile, Mets fans across the land slumped back in their chair, as it seemed like the inevitable was going to happen. “Here we go again” is the thought that popped into everyone’s head after Rauch gave up that two run jack in the ninth. The bullpen was about to blow another win for the Mets, and this one was going to sting.

Maybe Warthen is coaching the bullpen to allow other teams back into the game, in order to provide added excitement for fans? I don’t think there is any other explanation. How can they be so bad? It seems like what we saw in yesterday’s game has happened all too often this year. Luckily, Bobby Parnell was able to clean up the mess, and close the door on the Pirates. How many times has that happened this year? But it couldn’t have happened in a more important game.

Dickey got to the twenty win plateau which has eluded Mets pitchers since 1990. Another magnificent moment for Mets fans in a season that has been packed with very forgettable moments. I bet Dickey wishes he opted to stay in that game, after Collins came out to check on him in the eighth, as that ninth inning probably caused a few new gray hairs to appear in his beard this morning.

The bullpen flirted with disaster yesterday, but managed to hang on. Nobody will remember that the bullpen almost blew that game when we look back on that crowning achievement for Dickey. But if that wasn’t a clear signal to the Mets front office, that a major overhaul to the bullpen should be coming, then I don’t know what is.