If Citi Field Is The Morgue, Is Sandy Alderson The Funeral Home Director?

CBS New York has some quotes form Nationals manager Davey Johnson who appeared on ESPN Radio and said the following about Citi Field:

“Citi Field is like a morgue.”

“I remember when I was here we had 50,000 packed in Shea.”

After all these years I still love Davey because he’s always in your face and always brutally honest.

Of course back then, the Mets not only ruled the NL East, but they were even outdrawing the New York Yankees.

The team was full of popular players who were productive and also won a championship. It always comes down to the product on the field.

Mike Silva, who I like to chat with on occasion via Twitter, told me we only had just one impact player on this team, a reference I suppose to not laying the blame of this season at the feet of Sandy Alderson.

But I countered that by saying that he inherited a team with three impact players when he arrived, a fact that cannot be disputed.

Impact players sell tickets – they always have, they always will.

Even as Frank Cashen began to lay the groundwork for what would become the 1986 Mets, he was smart enough to know that it could take 5-6 years before it all came together. To that end he traded for (and then signed) former NL MVP George Foster to the largest mega-deal of that era. The move backfired, but the intent was unmistakable. He wanted a draw and in large part he got one despite the fact he floundered.

For a short time George Foster was the highest paid player in the major leagues thanks to Frank Cashen, oh and Nelson Doubleday owned over 90% of the team back then. Fred Wilpon mostly tended to cofee and donuts at staff meetings.

The point here is, you could blame the attendance on the team which was presented to us by it’s architect, Sandy Alderson. He was the one who told us this team was going to surprise a lot of people, and that they would be fun to watch.

Sorry Mr. Alderson. Wrong on both counts.

The team is going to finish exactly where most thought they would finish… And aside from a dozen or so games in a 162 game season, it really hasn’t been all that fun to watch.

Unless you consider watching your team fall into the abyss and setting new historical records for sucking, as your kind of fun.

Do me a favor…

Would you make a damned decision already and either rebuild or compete? Can you make up your mind already, please?

You’ve wasted two years and all you’ve managed to do is create more concerns than we’ve ever had before. Omar Minaya may have left you a bad team, but you’ve managed to make it even worse. You use albatrosses like Jason Bay as an excuse for having your hands tied, but worse players with worse contracts have been shuffled around in the last two years.

What have you done with that bullpen? In two years what exactly have you accomplished? In two seasons plus commitments for 2013, you have invested over $25 million dollars in that bullpen. And for what exactly?

R.A. Dickey has saved your ass in 2012 otherwise attendance would be even worse. Even the crickets refuse to go to Citi Field.

You’ve let the team’s best player David Wright flop around in the wind for over a year now, answering endless questions about his future, because you have a problem with him being the face of this franchise.

Sorry Sandy, the gloves are off. It’s been two years and now it’s time for some results… real results, not all those hollow words and empty promises that never come to pass.

It’s football season now and you’ve punted two years in a row when you promised you wouldn’t. I know we should take everything you say with a grain of salt, but for crying out loud throw us a bone every once in a while. Better yet, throw the hard working players on your team a bone once in a while instead… Either a bone or a life preserver…

I’ll give you credit for one thing though…

A captain should always go down with his ship…

At least you nailed that part right…

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