From Left Field: Wright’s Homer Should (Hopefully) Seal His Future In NY

David Wright has been called “unclutch” during his Mets career. That may be the case overall, but that certainly wasn’t the case today, as ne belted an opposite-field, three-run homer that proved the difference in securing R.A. Dickey his 20th win of the season.

It’s fitting that the Mets unofficial captain came through in a huge spot. The blast gave the Mets a three-run lead, and they wound up needing all three of those runs, since Jon Rauch gave up another ninth-inning home run.

Despite all the talk, Wright’s home run further proves that he is the face of this franchise. Yes, it’s one hit in the scheme of things, but timing is everything.

Getting Dickey his 20th win was really the only motivating factor for this team the last month or so. And with the game on the line, who came to rescue? The “captain.”

I hope this Wright’s homer serves as a wake-up call to the front office that a long-term deal must be agreed upon fast. There are teams salivating to get their hands on Wright, either through a potential trade next season or when he officially hits free agency after next season.

But hopefully, none of that will even be an option, as the Mets would be wise to work out a deal as soon as this season ends, so Wright can have a clear head going into the offseason.

And the first order of business after Wright pens his name on the contract would be to put the “C” on his uniform. He’s the captain; everybody knows it. This is his team now, and it will hopefully be his team when the Mets make their next World Series run (maybe in 2013, maybe five years from now, maybe 10 years for now).

There’s the argument that since the team has lost 80-plus games with Wright, they can easily be in the same position without having to spend the money. However, without Wright, the team probably would have lost over 100 games.

Really what Wright needs is a supporting cast offensively. It’s not going to be an easy task, but Sandy Alderson has to find some speed and power to build around Wright. Don’t expect it all to come this offseason, but a few moves would prove to Wright that the organization is committed to winning.

And when the time comes when winning is the norm in Flushing, David Wright better be leading the charge!

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