From Left Field: Francesa Should Lay Off The Mets

Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa

Has anyone been listening to Mike Francesa absolutely kill the Mets on WFAN lately? Most likely many of you have, since Francesa garners a large audience, and rightfully so.

He is a knowledgeable sports personality that commands respect based on his reputation. But seriously, talk about something other than degrading the Mets.

This whole past week, Francesa has been tearing the Mets apart for their pathetic play. Yes, the Mets are pathetic right now, but why does Francesa feel the need to drive the stake deeper into Mets’ fans hearts?

I’ll admit that I do sometimes enjoy listening to Francesa. He can easily get on my nerves, but he does provide great insights into the sports world.

There are so many more important New York sports topics going on right now than the Mets. The Yankees are entrenched in an AL East pennant race, the New York Football Giants are looking to repeat a Super Bowl title and the New York Jets are an absolute circus, from the quarterback debate to Bart Scott threatening journalists.

The Mets are no longer relevant in this town, but it’s a shame that Francesa keeps on talking about how bad they are. His shows this week have been so repetitive when it comes to the Mets.

And also, have any of you been following along with Terry Collins’ weekly spot on the show? For the past four weeks, the interview by Francesca has been exactly the same. Mike asks, “Terry, have you ever seen anything like this out of a baseball club?” And Terry always responds, “No Mike, I’ve never seen an entire lineup all go cold at exactly the same time.”

OK, we get it, the Mets stink right now. But the misery is almost over. The last thing Mets fans need is for a die-hard Yankee fan to use his platform to continuously bash our team.

There’s plenty of other things to fill a 5.5-hour period. By talking about the Mets, Francesa is beating a dead horse.

It almost seems like he’s “asleep” to what else is going on in New York sports…

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