Amazin’ Hypotheticals: Who’s Choo?

Continuing the series of Mets hypothetical trades, the Mets largest need is in regards to the outfield, both defensively and offensively. The Mets could look for a team that may be struggling, and looking to rebuild. Oh, hello Cleveland Indians I didn’t see you there.

The Indians are a team struggling, with a few rising everyday players but struggling at other positions. What they do have, is a RF by the name of Shin-Soo Choo, who is 30 years old and having a down season defensively, but offensively is still producing with the same consistency. Choo is known for having one of the strongest ARM ratings, which measures the arm strength and accuracy of a RF.

From the Mets standpoint, they have a lot of what the Indians need – quality hitters that can play the infield or DH. Lucas Duda, Ike Davis and to a lesser extent Daniel Murphy are all capable of handling first base, and Duda being much better suited for the AL anyway. The Indians are going to be losing Travis Hafner after this season, and Pronk has struggled to stay healthy. The other two options, are defense-first Casey Kotchman and Quad-A 1B/LF Matt LaPorta. So what trade do I propose?

Mets Get:

  • Shin-Soo Choo

Indians Get:

  • Ike Davis

  • Brad Holt (Double-A RHP)

The Mets gain a solid right fielder, and the Indians gain a defensive first baseman who can hit the ball out of the park and outside of one freak injury, can stay on the field. In Holt, they get a possible bullpen arm who has some control issues but still has time to prove himself a valuable piece of a bullpen.

There are numerous other players who could have been chosen to be included, but the trade that landed them Ubaldo Jimenez took two of their top pitching prospects. Other names that would make sense: Darin Gorski (AA), Armando Rodriguez (AA) or Gonzalez Germen (AA).