Was Dodgers Deal A Missed Opportunity For Rebuilding Mets?

I alluded to it in an earlier post about Scott Hairston, but what are we doing here? What is the plan exactly?

If we are rebuilding then why aren’t we acting like a team that is rebuilding?

It’s obvious that we are not bulking up for a championship run. It’s also obvious we are not a win-now team. So what are we doing?

Can we choose a side and stick to it?

Look at that Dodgers/Red Sox deal…

The Dodgers were so desperate for a huge bat that they were willing to take on the salaries of three overpaid and under-producing players that will be owed a total that is 13 times more than what we owe Jason Bay. And yet Bay is still here…

So is Scott Hairston… So is R.A. Dickey…

You think the Dodgers would have JUMPED at the possibility of Hairston, Bay and Dickey?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it would have met their objectives and ours as well.

Who really believes that the Mets are going to give R.A. Dickey the $15 million a year he’ll get on the open market after next season?

Or that Scott Hairston will get $5 million or more from the Mets to be a utility outfielder?

It would have cleared $25 million dollars in total off of our payroll and when you kick in the $15 million Alderson was expecting to get to spend, you now have $40 million dollars to go after four quality players and then some.

How many teams do you know that rebuild around a 38 year old pitcher?

Is it really that important to have R.A. Dickey pitching in meaningless games during the 2013 season, when we’ll most likely be out of the hunt by July once again? Or are you fo the opinion that next season is THE TEAM, THE TIME?

What is the freaking plan?

What the hell are we doing here?

We have four general managers who get paid more than most and I have no idea what the plan is?

Three weeks ago Alderson said he didn’t trade Hairston because he wanted a top 30 prospect so he hung onto him because he couldn’t get something significant. And now with three days left to August he puts him on waivers?


I’ll tell you why, it’s because he saw what the Red Sox did and is now kicking himself in the ass!

Because he saw them move a bigger albatross in Carl Crawford who is owed $106 million dollars and just had Tommy John surgery, that’s why!

Too little, too late for our overly analytical GM who over-thinks everything to a fault.

He couldn’t find a taker for Bay because the truth is he didn’t even try….

This is the joke of the century…

The Dodgers got someone in Crawford who is owed five times more than Bay, and will have less hits than Bay for the rest of this season!

A Red Sox beat writer couldn’t believe it and later said that the Dodgers will pay Carl Crawford $106 million dollars for being a corpse.


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