Valdespin Gets Hazed, Learns Lesson

The locker room incident involving Jordany Valdespin’s t-shirt before Wednesday’s game has broken out and become a “thing.” In what probably doesn’t count as his rookie hazing, Valdepin’s plain white t-shirt he wore to the ballpark before Wednesday’s win in San Francisco was jokingly altered by some veterans to remind Valdespin of the club’s self-imposed dress code of collared shirts.

The sleeves were shredded, and the back sported “El Hombre” and his uniform number 1. “NY Loves Valdy” graced the front of the shirt. According to reports, ‘Spin was initially angry at the violation, but calmed down about as quickly as he flared up after a private conversation with David Wright about the incident. Valdespin was later seen wearing the shirt out of the clubhouse, laughing and joking with teammates and even posing for pictures in his new duds.

While understanding of the stunt, Valdespin reflected on his options if the situation were reversed. “No, no, no, no. I’d never do that,” he said. “You know why? You’ve got to respect everybody. The example here is this guy, David Wright. He’s the captain of the team and he respects everybody…The respect is very important on this team.”

The rookie atoned for his gaff Thursday, arriving to the ballpark in a pink button-down shirt with white collars and cuffs and floral print on the inside.

Glad to see the situation was diffused and it was a non-issue. Valdespin had been known for exhibiting some immaturity in the minors, but from all accounts, he’s been a perfect citizen on the big club. With Valdespin’s history, this easily could have gone the other way, so props to him for exhibiting some professionalism.

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