The David Wright Dilemma

Many Mets fans are hoping and expecting that David Wright will be a member of the New York Mets after the 2013 season. However, after looking at the current state of this team, I wouldn’t count on it.

David Wright is going to be faced with a very big decision within the next year. David has gone on the record stating that winning will be a big factor when he ultimately makes his decision. It sounds like he wants to remain a Met, but wants to see the direction of the team for the future before making his decision. Fair enough. Mets fans have to suffer through the pain, but the luxury of being a player is the ability to walk away when things start getting ugly. That’s the reason why David may be wearing another team’s uniform much sooner than many fans hope he will.

Stand on one end of the Golden Gate Bridge on a really foggy day, and try to look across to the other side of the bridge. What do you see? That is what the Mets future is right now. The Mets owe a boat load of money out, so major investing is not likely for the foreseeable future. That makes that fog even thicker. David has to see this, so why is he prolonging the inevitable?

The dilemma David is facing is simple. He wants to see the Mets are committed to winning. However, a commitment to winning doesn’t always lead to winning. If the Mets can’t afford to add pieces around him, and it’s going to take another few years for the Mets to develop talent from within, then David will walk. If the Mets lock David into a long term deal, it further prevents them from giving him any help, because the majority of the money will be tied up with him.

It’s highly unlikely that David will opt to sign a long term deal with the Mets this off-season. It’s also highly unlikely that the Mets will offer him one. David’s future with the Mets is just as foggy as the Mets future in general. When it’s all said and done, David may still be playing baseball in New York. It just might end up being for the cross town rival Yankees. Afterall, Alex Rodriguez can’t play third base forever.