School Is In Session With Mr. Petanick

Can I have everyone’s attention please?  Today we are going to be covering the 2012 New York Mets.  I want to start off this lesson with a question, so by a show of hands, who thinks the Mets season is over?

Good job everyone.  The Mets would need an absolute miracle to become relevant in 2012 again. Sitting 8 games behind the Wild Card leader, and 11.5 games behind the National League East leader, the season is all but over.

Who can tell me why the Mets are in the position they are in, right now, in the standings?

Yes, you in the red dress.

The reason the Mets are in the position they are in is because they lack talent.  The first half of the season they played way above their potential.  It was a fluke.  This team was supposed to finish in last place, and now it seems like the only thing that will prevent that is the collapse of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Terry Collins did a great job keeping this team relevant the first half of the year, but I just think the Mets will continue to decline the rest of the season.  The future isn’t much brighter either.  I mean, who is going to play the outfield next year?

That’s a very good question.  So class, who do you think will be patrolling the green pastures of Citi Field next year?

Yes, you in in the grey shirt.

Um…well…my daddy hates Jason Bay, but he says due to his contract we’re stuck with him through 2013, so I guess he will be one outfielder.  Then I hope Lucas Duda is another outfielder because I just got his jersey for my birthday, and I don’t want my friends to make fun of me when I wear the jersey because he’s not on the team and in the minor leagues.  Then I guess the third outfielder will probably be Jordany Valdespin.

OK, but why do you think Valdespin will be the third outfielder?

I really just picked him because he has a cool name.

Very cool indeed, but I think the Mets will probably address some of their issues in free-agency. Outfield will probably be one of those positions that are addressed.  But I do like your answers.

OK class, one last question.  Who wishes their parents raised them as Yankees fans instead of Mets fans?

Detention for everyone!

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