MMO Mailbag: Whither Wilmer Flores? Ask Petey

Who’s Got The Answers To All Your Mets Minors Questions? That’s Right.

As the afternoon turned from day into night, I peered through the grimy window of the bar, past the fly tracks and the flickering neon Pabst Blue Ribbon sign, trying to focus my eyes on a drug-store clock across the street. What the heck time does that say? How long have I been in this joint trying to drown my sorrows? A long time. Well, it’s not everyday a guy loses his best friend, my dog, had him since he was a pup.

I ordered another shot and another beer and I noticed this leggy blonde at the other end of the bar and she seemed to be staring at me. I couldn’t really tell cause of the dingy light in the place but if I didn’t know better I would swear she was smiling at me. That’s crazy, what the heck would a glamorous dame like that be smiling at me for? Are you outta your mind? Look what you look like! I looked at myself in the mirror behind the bar, yuch. I looked like hell.

The shot arrived, but before I downed it, I glanced at the hottie, and damn if she wasn’t still smiling at me. This time I smiled back, gave a little toast towards her with my shot, and tossed it back. The burn went into my nostrils, and my eyes started to water, but through the haze I was in I could sense someone standing right next to me. It was her.

“Hi, do you mind if I ask you a question?” she said.

I tried to pull myself together, sat up a little straighter, tried to stop squinting. “Sure, ask away,” I croaked.

“Your Petey Pete aren’t you from that big Mets website? The minor league guy.”

“A yeah, that’s right,” I tried to sound nonchalant, but I was suddenly getting a weird feeling about this, maybe I should have told her she had the wrong guy. But how can you look into those beautiful peepers and lie? This broad was way too classy for that.

“My name is Nikki,” she went on, “and I have a question for you.”

Has there been any consideration to playing Wilmer Flores in the outfield? He seems to be the only right handed hitter in the upper minors that seems to have any upside, and the Mets also seem to be in much better shape in the infield than they are in the outfield in both the majors and minors. I haven’t heard any talk about him playing the outfield, but he has been moved all around the infield, and from all accounts, hasn’t been stellar at any of those positions despite having a pretty strong arm. I just think it would be prudent to start playing him in left field at the least, I don’t think he can be any worse than Duda in the field, well at least I hope not. We never know if the Mets will be able to spend any money this offseason, and even if they do increase their payroll, they have to keep into consideration that they have to resign Wright. I wonder if you guys have heard anything at all about Flores being tried out in the outfield, I just think it would make a lot of sense, but I haven’t heard anything about it.

Wow! What a question. This girl really knows her Mets minor league baseball! I think I’m in love. Wait a minute you pathetic lug. This girl would never go for a guy like you. Just answer her question and order another shot.

“The reason you haven’t heard anything about it is because the Mets have not thought of it yet, or if they have, they don’t realize the importance of such a move. Now is the time to teach the kid how to play left-field, not when he arrives at Citifield in a year or two. And the other reason you haven’t seen the notion anywhere, is because you must have missed my Ask Petey piece from May 9th. In it I predict where the very best prospects in the system will wind up. And in it, I predict the 2014 Mets starting line-up with a left-fielder by the name of Wilmer Flores.

You are absolutely right though. It makes perfect sense to you, it makes perfect sense to me so the question is, why doesn’t it make perfect sense to the Mets? Well, Sandy and company, they’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and they do treat the fans like second-class citizens and morons, but we love our three-headed Mets-brass monsters just the same, right guys? And all the mistakes they make just endear them to us all the more.

But back to your question Nikki. I have no idea why after nearly five full years in the system the Mets still haven’t figured out where to play the guy. I say LF is the most obvious place, unless they fail to resign DWright, then 3B would be the spot, we’ll see what the front office, in all it’s infinite wisdom comes up with.”

I turned to her for a response, but she just stood up and looked at me for a second before shaking her head and saying, “It’s not easy being a Mets fan is it Petey?”

And I just smiled and said, “No Nikki, no it’s not,” and then I threw back another shot.

Check back with MMO tomorrow for an interview I did with Flores recently. And here’s the link to that previous post I was telling you about.


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