Kingsport Mets Place Steve Matz on D.L.

Matz On D.L. – Not Serious

When I saw the entry on yesterday’s transactions page for the Appalachian League, I got a a little concerned.

August 17: Kingsport Mets placed LHP Steven Matz on the 7-day disabled list.

Oh no, I hope it’s not the elbow again. TJS in 2010. Two lost seasons while rehabbing. A late start to 2012 training camp because of lingering elbow issues. After dealing with those, he started the second K-Mets game of the season and fired off five additional game starts. In six games he threw 29.0 innings and gave up 16 hits, one home run, walked 17, and struck out 34, to go 2-1 with a 1.55 ERA.

In 18 innings over his final three starts, he went 2-0, with a 0.00 ERA, with five hits, eight walks and 23 strikeouts. It was reported during those games that he was throwing his fastball as high as 98 mph, and utilizing a very effective change-up and curveball. A lefty that throws that hard, with good secondary offerings is something the Mets did not have in their system before the healthy reemergence of Matz.

As I stared at the entry on the transactions page, I began to think about Mets prospects of the past, who were side-tracked with injuries when they were young. Guys like Generation K, who each suffered devastating injuries that kept them from ever becoming anything with the Mets. And a string of high round draft-picks who never panned out. Guys like Phil Humber, Mike Pelfrey, Eddie Kunz, Nathan Vineyard, Brad Holt, Brant Rustich, Scott Moviel, Stephen Clyne, Eric Niesen, Kevin Mulvey, Matt Durkin, Shane Hawk, and Bob Keppel, just to name some of the more recent ones.

I shook it off. Things would be different with Matz. He’ll be a Met one day. He’ll get through this. I sat down and wrote him an email which said:

Hey Steve, how you doing? I saw you had to go on the D.L. That really sucks! It’s not your elbow is it? I heard you were having some shoulder issues, have you had it checked out yet? What did they say?

Then on Saturday, I heard back from Steve who didn’t sound overly concerned about this latest setback. Turns out, it is his shoulder that was giving him trouble, but after having it checked out, it was the best possible scenario.

Yeah I got an MRI, everything is clear just some rotator cuff tendenitis. Just down in Port St. Lucie now rehabbing it. Nothing too concerning.

So there you go, it’s not the elbow again. More than likely just some rust is all. Hopefully he’ll be back in time for Instructional League, and as for 2013? The sky is the limit for Mr. Matz.


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