Enough Already, It’s Time To See The Kids

The best thing about summer is that there is a baseball game on virtually everyday. When life gets you down or you feel that you need an escape, you can just turn on the television and immerse yourself in a ballgame. As a baseball fan I usually can enjoy each game as a single entity and forget about where we are in the standings.

Lately instead of being able to enjoy a game I find myself getting angry. I am pissed off about the pitiful lineup Collins has no choice but to roll out there everyday. I am angry that we have had to watch Jeremy Hefner and Chris Young make regular starts when we are clearly not in this thing anymore. I’m tired of having Bobby Parnell shoved down my throat as he continues his roller coaster career of a few decent outings to draw you in, before getting pummeled at the worst possible time. These types of guys are not part of the future solution so we are sending them out there?

The Mets do so many things that just make no damn sense.

Sandy Alderson talks to the media
I’m not a genius

Maybe Jeurys Familia and Jenrry Mejia are not future starters, but why not just take a look. I mean just look at Mejia. The news he may start on Thursday is exciting, but way overdue. He should have been the guy to get the call a month ago when Hefner stepped in. Why didn’t he? Well that’s because the geniuses who run our team thought he was not fit to be a starter after he dominated and decided to move him to the pen. Of course he promptly got rocked and was then moved back to the rotation. But don’t let them fool you. They probably still view him as a reliever and will put him there no matter how good he pitches as a starter.

At this point I need something more to look forward to other than a Matt Harvey start every six days. What is keeping our attention? The fact that we only win one game in every series? The fact that we score 1-2 runs a night? The fact that we are going to do whatever we can to maximize Dickey’s starts so he wins 20 games for a team that fell out of contention with two months left in the season?

Bring back Duda.  Call up Den Dekker, Familia and Mejia.

Let’s just let these guys play so the fans can see them and have a reason to watch the games. Let them play and struggle. Let them try to learn how to fight through it. It’s the only way they will ever learn. We have nothing to lose anymore.

Fans want a reason to have some hope for the future and being able to check in everyday and see Mejia, Harvey and Familia making starts will intrigue the fan base.

Come on guys I can’t be the only one that wants to change the channel after Tejada, Wright and Davis bat.