Who Are The Real Mets? First Three Months Of Season, Or First Two Weeks Of Second Half?

Unlike when Luca met his demise, the Mets usually see it coming

“Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes”. The Famous line from the movie The Godfather seems somewhat fitting for how the Mets looked in July. They looked like they were dead in the water.

Now as the calendar has turned to August it seems as though they have come up for air and are beginning to steady the ship.

The starting pitching has picked things up over the past week keeping the Mets in games, even though their offense and bullpen continue to still be inconsistent.

Frank Francisco made great strides this week pitching in back to back games as he looks to wrap up a rehab stint in the next few days and rejoin the club.

Who would have thought we would have missed Frank Francisco so much?

Anyway, things seem to be looking up over the past few games.

  • Francisco’s return will slide everyone back to roles they are better suited for
  • David’s much needed day off seems to have put some life back in his bat that was beginning to lag a bit
  • Dickey’s most recent gem resembled what we saw in the first half
  • Sandy’s visions of Valdespin in Center have been realized
  • Also, Matt Harvey’s arrival may have been the spark we needed

It’s good to see them go out west and play well against two potential playoff teams.

It’s good to seem them play the way we saw them play during the first half.

It’s also good to see them win some ball games and regain some of that confidence they lost.

We are only two games under and that is something I think we can all see as a positive.

This team could have continued to tank like they have in years past. Instead they chose to pick it up.