What Are We Willing To Give Up In A Trade?

Everywhere you look, baseball analysts and fans alike are saying the Mets will need a significant bullpen upgrade in order to make a playoff push.

Though Sandy Alderson brought in Frank Francisco, Jon Rauch and Ramon Ramirez, it may take a different cast of characters to get the job done consistently in the late innings.

Yes, the starting pitching has been terrific, but especially down the stretch, the Mets need to be able to close out wins—something that they’ve had trouble with all season.

It’s easy to say the Mets need a bullpen upgrade, but it’s a tougher task to think how they will acquire one of these arms.

There are a few decent options available, some of whom will have a higher price tag than others.

The Houston Astros will likely float relievers Brandon Lyon and Brett Myers on the market. The Astros have been rebuilding for a few years, so the team will certainly be looking for young prospects in return.

Huston Street is also an intriguing option, especially since he can slide into the closer’s role. Francisco showed some improvement before his recent placing on the disabled list, but Street is a proven commodity in the ninth inning.

Street and Mets bench coach Bob Geren apparently don’t have a great relationship from their days with the Oakland A’s, but he still can be a good fit. However, the Padres may have a high asking price for the All-Star.

Brad Lidge, who was recently designated for assignment by the Nationals, would come cheap, but there’s a reason he’d be cheap: He’s injury-prone and has been ineffective. I think the Mets would be better off staying away from Lidge.

There are likely a few other options out there, but what would the Mets be willing to give up to acquire one or more of these available arms?

Frankly, if teams start asking for one of the Mets high-profile starting pitching prospects, the Mets should look elsewhere. Promoting Jenrry Mejia would be a better option than losing part of the future.

It’s going to be a tough call for Alderson and company, especially since more teams will consider themselves “contenders” based on the new wild card spot.

So would you rather part ways with a few top prospects to make an immediate playoff run or move forward with what we have in order to save the team’s future?

Feel free to list some possible trade proposals or other bullpen targets the Mets should explore.

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