Was The Mets GM Trolling Mets Fans On Twitter?

You’ve heard the term used all the time, but what exactly is a troll and what is trolling, and was the Mets GM guilty of being a troll or trolling his own fan base on Twitter in recent days?

I’ll let you be the judge on Alderson, but first lets define what a troll is. No, we’re not talking about those dwarf-sized, hairy, humanoid beings that come out and attack you from the shadows of the forests with their crudely made weapons and wooden clubs.

The Urban Dictionary describes internet trolling as when people say stuff that they know will prompt someone to respond with a trolled reply and/or replying to comments that are blatantly from a troll. This is especially true when a troll first makes his comment/reply, and (usually many) people respond, either trying to correct the troll, or express anger at the statement. At that point, the trolling was successful and has been fed.

Lets now examine Exhibit A:

The Intended Target: Over 90% of Sandy Alderson’s followers are loyal Mets fans.

The Intended Purpose: I could be wrong, but it certainly appears to be a swipe at them.

The Result: A successfully executed case of trolling. Trolls-In-Training take heed, this is how it;s done.

Today, Sandy Alderson took to Twitter again and in a probable attempt to undo the carnage he created with his first tweet, took a veiled shot at Pablo Sandoval himself.

By using the word carnage I don’t mean that anyone was physically hurt or that the villagers were rioting at Citi Field with torches blazing in the dark of night, not at all. We’re only talking about the rumpled feelings of a few thousand Mets fans who were apparently being called out for not being better fans than San Francisco Giants fans.

It’s become apparent that the only time the Mets GM logs onto his Twitter account is to occasionally address a recent happening with a few choice and well calculated words that are always dripping with sarcasm. That’s okay when your 16-years old or your name is Charlie Sheen or Stephen Colbert, but most people don’t know what to make of it when it comes from the executive charged with turning around a New York sports franchise that has been the brunt of jokes for the better part of the last half decade.

Of course Mets fans all wanted to see David Wright voted into the All Star game, and the shock of being usurped at the last minute by Pablo Sandoval was a real punch to the gut for all of us. But lets give credit to the Giants front office who put on a full court press to get the fans to vote in droves, and vote in droves they did.

Maybe if the Mets had made as valiant an attempt at promoting David Wright as they did in revamping the bullpen this offseason, this would all be a moot point. But trolling the fan base was probably not the way to go here. Kicking someone when they’re already down never translates well in a tweet regardless of how much sarcasm or humor you soak it in.

This will all be forgotten by the weekend, and no real harm was done. But the Mets GM may need to send his fan base a box of chocolates or something to patch things up.

Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

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