Time For The Mets To Make Their Move

POWER PLAY: Ike Davis will need to flex some more muscle in critical homestand for the Mets.

Mets Season Prospects

Coming off a series sweep by the Atlanta Braves that left nothing undamaged and a series loss to the Washington Nationals, the New York Mets season appears to be in jeopardy. While the Mets started the season with a respectable win-loss ratio (46-43) at the All-Star break, the second half is off to a rocky start. It is too soon to call the season over at this point, but as the days slip away, it is definitely becoming crunch time.

The Fan Base

While the fans have stayed loyal to the team, it is not surprising that the tumultuous start to the second half of the season is giving many Mets loyalists an unwelcome reminder of last year’s season. In 2011, the team had an almost similar and impressive 46-45 start to the season before imploding in the second half and spending the last two months at ten games below .500, it is not surprising that even the faithful are developing doubts.

While the aftermath of losing both Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran in pre-deadline trades provide some explanation of last year’s decline, fans are concerned that a similar meltdown could occur again. Everything seemed to go wrong. Even umpires with the best umpire equipment couldn’t make the right calls which only added to the frustration. The fact is that even if this year’s cause is different, it will serve as little consolation if the result is the same.

The Outlook

After the getting swept in Atlanta and losing the first two games in D.C., the Mets salvaged the final game of their road trip with a convincing 9-5 victory on Thursday. They are sitting three and a half games behind the Braves and a full seven games behind the Washington Nationals. Getting swept and losing a series against the two teams we are trying to catch can be a disastrous blow for the Mets at this point in the season. But the Mets have been very resilient this year, and they go back to Citi Field on a high note.

To that end, this homestand beginning with the Dodgers this weekend and then a rematch with the Nationals, may prove to be a very critical six games. Not only will it set the tone for the next few months, it could cause a significant change in the standings.

The Mets have a real opportunity to make up some ground and show their faithful fans that the season is not done. On the other hand, another 1-5 finish would be a major blow that may spell the end for the Mets this season.

If the Mets wish to continue to compete this season, the team will not only need to dominate at home and push for their stake in the wild card standings, but they will also need to send a strong message to the fans that they are not done. These next six games may prove critical.

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