Snooki and Building As Opposed To Buying and Selling

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Perfect day for a rant…

You just know things are disintegrating fast when the biggest highlight in a Mets game was watching Jersey Shore’s Snooki getting booed every time she appeared on the giant scoreboard. I still don’t know why exactly the Mets are always pushing her on us and making such a huge deal about her whenever she attends a game. I doubt she even knows who Super Joe is or the the name of the player who scored the winning run when that ball got by Buckner. So come on Snooki, do you know?

So we’re not buyers? I have such great timing with my posts this year. I really don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so. Remember what I said, they are not buyers, they are not sellers, they are Harvard Lawyers trying to run a baseball team. Lawyer-Speak is easy to spot once you understand that’s the only way they know how to communicate. Lets not go through this all over again in 2013 and 2014, okay? Goal number one is turning a profit, not turning out a championship team.

Do you guys go crazy when some fans say you can’t fix all the holes the Mets have on this team? I know I do. Of all the Mets cop-outs I hear, that’s the one that drives me up a wall the most. The old “name one player who come here and fix this mess” syndrome. Another one of those laughable cop-outs.

I really enjoy listening to Bobby Ojeda’s analysis after every game. That’s one person on SNY who clearly gets it. “Why does Sandy Alderson keep using terms like buying and selling? I have a new word for him – building” That’s exactly right. Building – as in beginning to address all the “holes” now so we have less of them next season. Most of you are probably sick of how often I bring up Justin Upton on MMO ever since the D’backs made it known he’s very available. Why do I harp on him so much? Well wouldn’t it be nice to take a deep breath after this season and look ahead to 2013 and be able to say, “well at least we are set at right field and third base”, that’s why. Alderson has been here going on two years and we are still fielding a team that save David Wright wouldn’t be everyday players on the top ten teams in game. Go out there and build Sandy… Stop using words like revamping, you’re not really good at it anyway. Build, damn it, BUILD… Other players I like and that are under contract past this season include Josh Johnson, Josh Willingham and Hunter Pence.

Today’s Trivia Question

What team’s baseball fans acknowledges that their team has a myriad of needs right now, but are unwilling to fix any of them?

Today’s Bonus Trivia Question 

What team’s fans clings to all their prospects, no matter how good or bad, and overvalues them more than any other?

The first five people to answer correctly will win an autographed photo of Snooki….

SNOOKI: Who Loves Ya, Baby…
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