Papel-Bombed: Reactions To Last Night’s Improbable Comeback!

Wow, still on a big-high from last night. I woke up happy and ready to take on the day this morning. The hell with breakfast, I’m brimming with plenty of energy. We’ve always called the Mets-Phillies match-ups a big rivalry, but let’s face it, it’s tough to call the last five years anything more than a Slaughterhouse 5 for the Mets. Last night however, that was huge. Now we’re talking. Now we can call this a rivalry. The tide has changed and now it’s us who have the Phillies on the run, and not the other way around. Now this is an exciting development. This is exciting stuff. Plenty of great reactions out there today, here are some of them:

They are not the best baseball team in town, but they are the best show. In many ways, their flaws are what make them so much fun to watch every night. They don’t do this methodically, or in ways that are devoid of emotion. On the contrary, the Mets wear it all on their sleeves, showing anguish when they fail, and jubilation when they succeed. They’ve come up with this way of playing — and winning — that’s infectious.  ~  Star-Ledger

There’s a lot of games that everybody has to pick each other up. When you get an outing from your ace that you’re not expected to, and the other guys are rising to the occasion to pick him up, that’s a huge win for the club.  ~  Terry Collins

You’re going to remember this 6-5 win over Philadelphia as a game with serious October-esque intensity. A July 5 game with fireworks more suitable for July 4th. You’ll remember that spectacular play by Daniel Murphy on Placido Polanco in the top of the eighth inning. You’re going to remember Josh Thole holding his own — and the ball — the Phillies’ Mike Fontenot very out at home plate! You’ll remember Murphy in the ninth inning, putting both the ball and closer Jonathan Papelbon down for the sitting eight-count. You’ll remember another two-out run; a game-winning RBI from the face of the franchise, David Wright. Will this team give us something more to remember come playoff time?  ~ Steve Somers, WFAN

Across the room from Dickey stood Tejada, thicker now and possessed with the self-knowledge that he can be a New York starting shortstop. His two-out walk in the ninth, achieved after eight intense pitches, made Wright’s latest superstar moment possible. When you ask Tejada if he remembers the time Utley wasted him nearly two years ago — when no one really had his back — the 22-year-old grins and tilts his chin toward the ceiling. “Yeah, I do,” he says. “They play hard. But we know how to play hard, too.”  ~  Daily News

David Wright added another couple of lines to his admittedly premature case for the award on Thursday night, going 3-for-5 with a home run and four RBIs, including a game-ending bloop single off Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon. By nearly any measure, he’s at least a serious candidate at midseason, if not the leading candidate. The fans at Citi Field made their take on the issue perfectly clear, chanting “M-V-P” for the six-time All-Star as he reveled in the moment before joining his teammates in the clubhouse. Wright got the ceremonial punches and the ceremonial pie-in-the-face as an energized crowd showered him with its adulation. There’s not much more a player can do to be a hero in this part of New York than to hand the Phillies a ninth-inning heartbreaker. “He makes us go right now,” said second baseman Daniel Murphy, who drove in the tying run in the ninth.  ~

This is a never-say-die team. We grind it out! The whole season, our M.O. is that we grind out at-bats, we grind out games. We don’t hit for much power, we don’t steal a lot of bases. We’re grinders. It seems like we play the game until the last out, and those types of teams are fun to play for. It just seems like everybody wants to be up in that situation and nobody gets overwhelmed by the moment. I’m proud to be a part of this team. We are fighters.  ~  David Wright

David Wright for MVP? Absolutely…

Terry Collins for Manager of the Year? Sure, why not…

Johan Santana for Comeback Player? No doubt about it…

R.A. Dickey for Cy Young? Sure thing…

Are these Mets for real? You better freaking believe it!

When we did our MMO 2012 predictions and I picked the Mets to win a Wild Card back in March, I meant it. Back then all anybody wanted to talk about was bankruptcy, selling the team, sagging attendance and a 100 loss season. I’m so glad I didn’t fall into that trap and stood by my team! 🙂

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